Domestic Abuse Can Happen To Men Too!


When we hear about rape, abuse whether it’s mentally or physically  or any other kind of violence towards we always assume it’s the female that is the victim. According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales the victims are women at 4.5 million but there is still the importance of male victims at 2.2 million. Usually domestic abuse happens to females and if males were to be seen the victim then they are branded as not being manly enough. So is this why males are too embrassing to ask for help?

It has been reported that a killer bride has recently been jailed for stabbing her husband. The New Day has revealed that the bride Sharon Edwards has actually been abusing her husband up until the moment she stabbed him. It’s important for people to actually bring themselves to the 21st century and realising that men and women are equal in jobs, strengths and both have the ability to abuse their partners male or female.

No type of abuse should be ignored depending on gender as males are just as important than females and both should get help if ever in a situation where they feel uncomfortable whether by hurtful words, mind control (what to wear, who you can’t talk to) or actual bodily harm. 

In a social experiment which has been posted on the Huffington Post shows the public just how we would react to domestic abuse with male and female victims. The video shown here are done by actors so no actual harm was done but this is an insight to how some victims live. It is also a real eye opener in which you realise people don’t take male abuse too seriously with some of the passers by in the video laughing at the fact a women was hitting her partner.

We all talk about wanting gender equality yet when it comes to domestic abuse surely only women can be the victims here. Also when typed into Google results for getting help is clearly targeted at women and female charities and if you are a man seeking help you don’t see these options until you’re nearly at the bottom of the page. Is this right?

If you are a women or a male who is or has been in domestic abuse situations and you would like someone to talk to or to get help them please call:
Men: 0808 8010 0327

Women: 0808 2000 247

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