Tax On Sugary Drinks Becomes Higher

Oh have the days of cheap sugary drinks and snacks passed you by. Where you could easily walk into a shop with a £1 and walk out with a drink, packet of crisps and a chocolate bar whereas nowadays you’d be lucky if you could afford two of those.

Over the years its seemed like the products get smaller, prices become more expensive and even sugar getting higher or even claiming it’s lower. The problem were facing with so much sugar added into our foods is obesity especially in young people. It has now been stated that tax on sugary drinks are now going to be higher. So what does this mean? Well if companies don’t want to pay the extra tax on their drinks then it will mean charging us as consumers more for their products.

This tax will only apply to drinks with the highest sugar content to try and combat obesity but will this make any difference. This will rather go one of two ways. One, being companies will charge you higher, people will complain but still continue to pay for their drinks and obesity won’t change or two, by some miracle drink companies may actually reduce their sugar content. I think we all know which way it’s going to go.

So it has been stated that the extra charge on tax will be used to double the amount of money spent on sports like different types of activities your child can attend. Of course this is to stop obesity in younger people and to get them more active, which I admit is an issue but why does it always have to be pinned on what type of food they have? Ok, so eating loads of junk is definitely going to go towards your weight but we now live in a world where staying indoors and watching TV is preferred than going out and playing some type of sports. So is the tax on drinks becoming higher a good idea or are we just charging extra on something that’s a half-hearted idea?
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