Squad goals: Become A Powerpuff 


Laura the Powerpuff
At least once in our lives we have wished we were superheroes. Admit it, you wanted to shoot webs from your wrist like Spider-Man or be able to fly like superman. But for most of us when we were all young girls we opted for someone a bit more girly and honestly, the best superwoman ever! No not actual superwoman but the Powerpuff Girls of course. But which one did you want to be?

Blossom – a red haired commander and leader of the group who could freeze objects with her breath. Bubbles – a blonde haired joy and laughter of the group who could emit supersonic waves with her voice. Buttercup – a black haired girl who had no personal superpower but was the toughest of the group. The girls could also fly, have super strength and have super speed.

Personally, I always wanted to be Blossom, leader of the group and freeze things with my breath of course but with a launch of a new website we can all be part of the Powerpuff squad. #squadgoals #dreamcometrue

The Powerpuff Girls first aired in the 90’s which gave you an insight into the lives of three girls and their father Professor Utonium. The Professor wanted to create perfect little girls using a mixture of sugar, spice and everything nice. But whilst mixing the Professor accidentally knocked in the ingredient chemical X giving the girls their superpowers helping them fight crime.

The website (powerpuffyourself.com) created by Cartoon Network allows users to customise their avatar based on skin tone, hairstyle, eye colour, outfits, accessories and backgrounds. What are you waiting for? Bring out your inner superpower.

The animated TV series returns today in America.
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