‘I Can’t Adult Today’ And I’m OK With That

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At any given chance I will use any type of shortcut into making people think that I can actually ‘adult’. I will buy clothes that won’t necessarily need ironing after washing, buy chopped vegetables so I don’t have to waste my time preparing them or go out for dinner so I don’t have to fake cook it at all. There are many ways to create shortcuts in life and to be honest, I’m ok with that.

Doing one load of washing or paying a certain bill, picking up those shoes I’ve left in the hallway all week or research a new meal recipe that I may never use are all adult things. They all seem easy but the idea of every errand I have to do just waiting to be done can be a bit overwhelming. Can I just stay in bed all day instead?

The constant worries of what to do with our futures and how to get there all seem too much when we’re still struggling to come up with ideas on what to have for dinner for the next week. Wondering who to date or who we should be friends with when the truth is, we don’t like people much. Then worrying we’re going to be alone for the rest of our lives. We have to make decisions everyday whether it’s career related or relationships or whether we want two sugars in our tea or just the one. Why is it so hard?

Can we all just go back in time to when we’re told what to do? Not having to worry about where we’re going to live or what we want to be when we’re older because for some reason we don’t think we’re ever going to get old. We don’t have to worry about buying in food so we don’t end up starving to death, unless you’re still lucky enough to live with your parents and they shop for you. In an ideal world we never have to make decisions for the rest of our lives and the fact most of them are made from the likes of coin flips or magic eight balls proves that we should have just that.

If we’re somehow getting through life with coin flip decisions and pretending we know what we’re doing whilst using shortcuts then this means we’re actually being an adult right? Let us make decisions based on the shake of an eight ball or buy pre chopped carrots. Let us pretend we know what the hell we are doing or let us sleep for the whole entire day because being a grown up sucks and I just don’t want to adult today.

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