Oh The Joys of Adult Life and London Jobs

I’m hiding my hideous coldsore!

It’s been such a long time and for that I apologise! Let’s just say I’ve entered a new chapter in my life of proper adult work. Ahh the lovely 5.30 awakenings to stand around what seems like an abandoned train station with my hair a mess and not a lick of face paint, looking like I’ve just got out of bed – because well, that’s exactly why! I’m surprised I managed to dress in a appropriate manner.

I would like to tell you this way I can come home early and put my feet up with a lovely cuppa but sadly no. I have to rugby tackle my way through Victoria, somehow get from one platform to the other in the matter of seconds to then spend the next 2 hours on a train sweating in all the wrong places gasping for air on a very, very, VERY overcrowded train.

I suppose this is a ‘welcome to adult working in London’ and even though I do groan at the thought of Monday morning, I actually really enjoy it! Call me crazy but the idea of getting work done before you actually get to work seems satisfying? I’m actually writing this on my way home. Is that sad?


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