Battle Of The Primers

Primer is like underwear – you don’t exactly want to leave the house without it and it feels a bit weird putting your trousers on before your pants. Primer is exactly like that. It helps smooth, conceal and even holds everything in place so the foundation you put on top looks 10 times better.

We’re all divided on whether we think it’s necessary or even worth it. Not only does it demand space in your makeup bag and storage but it also takes an extra minute applying it on. But do you ever get to that 3pm mark and all the effort you made that morning to perfect those cheekbones, conceal that acne and simply get yourself looking human just doesn’t seem to be present?

That’s where our extra space, minute stealing and secret underwear of the face comes in. Primers are there to not only to conceal and smooth the skin but it’s also there to get you and your makeup through the whole entire day looking like you’ve just applied it. Tempted?

I’ve pulled together 5 different products and put them through the test…

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair

OK so first of all I just have to say how amazing this smells! For those who love the citrus orange smell that just gets you fruity high, then based on smell only, this is the one for you.

Putting this on I did find the primer to be light and easy to apply and the drying time wasn’t so bad either. Normally it is recommended that the time between applying primer and applying makeup is around 20minutes but to be honest, who simply has the time for that?

Unfortunately the smell of oranges disappeared almost instantly and when that 3pm mark came around I was quite excited to see the results. Some of my acne scars came out to say hello and my face became a little patchy on the cheeks but whether this was the primer or the concealer I do not know. But based on the results from the rest of the primers I’d have to say it was the primer so amazing smell but it just didn’t work for me.

SmashBox Photo Finish

This primer seems to be the favourite of the group in terms of seeing it everywhere in the beauty blogger world as a well known brand. Having bought this in New York and experiencing the hype around Sephora that was complete madness, I went for something I knew. When I first used this I hated the fact it seemed to take an effort in getting it out of the tube but once I applied it it felt hard but really soft. OK so not the best descriptions but it was like matte gel made of pure silk. I instantly knew this was going to conceal everything and had by far been the best underwear I had applied.

So what happened when I got to the 3pm mark? Any acne scars? Any patches on the cheeks? Well, no. There wasn’t a patch in site and it didn’t let my scars come out and say hi. Overall very nice, smooth and did make it to 3pm. Overall winner!

Nivea shaving balm for men

Can we all just take a moment to not only feel sorry for Nikki Tutorials for leaving her moisturiser behind but to also thank her because this is the best primer I’ve ever used! OK so when I first tried to tip the bottle upside down to get the product of course it all came flying out giving me more than quarter of the bottle all over my hand. The texture is really runny and light so at first I did wonder if this would actually work but after applying makeup it seemed as if everything I threw on just kind of stuck!

3pm came and went and my makeup still perfectly in place with only the one acne scar asking for spotlight. Definitely worth the buy even if it does mean smelling like your boyfriend after he’s been for a shave. what I would say is when you apply it make sure your hair is well away from your face otherwise it will stick!

Rodical Super-Food Balm

After receiving this in the post I didn’t quite know what it was or what I should of done with it but after a quick Google search I found out it was a multi-purpose balm. At first I wondered how can a multi-purpose balm surely work on everything but after using the Dr.PawPaw balm I knew it was possible! I did feel a bit weird as it felt like I was smothering my face with what seemed to feel like Vaseline but it go hand in hand with my makeup giving me a flawless finish!

Although when the 3pm mark came I did need to do a bit of a touch up!

Nivea Day Cream

OK so it’s just a moisturiser and we all use it (I hope) so why did I add it to my list? Well, on one of the days I forgot to use primer this product stepped up and seemed to work just as well as some of the primers I had used. It got to 3pm and only slight patches appeared and needed to do a quick swipe of the powder but other than that it worked well.

What’s your favourite underwear for the face?


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