University Punishes Students Who Skip Class by Making Them Clean Opposite Sex Dorm Rooms

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When it comes to skipping class, there are a million excuses on why you didn’t turn up from having a hangover or a cold to faking or not faking a job interview. With around 62,000 students (statistics by the Department for Education) skipping classes every day, universities are starting to step up and punish students for being truant.

It has recently been reported by the BBC that a university in China are forcing truant students to clean up after the opposite sex. College Counsellor Cui Bowen, The Wuhan International Culture University comments “if students want to skip class, their classmates will remind them of this rule.” Since the new rule has been set in place three male students have been forced to clean their female classmate’s dorms which include scrubbing floors, dusting furniture and cleaning toilets as part of their punishment. Is the threat and act of cleaning up after the opposite sex really a punishment?

Have we all just resorted back to childish punishments in the hope students never skip class again? Surely there’s a less embarrassing way to punish students that doesn’t mean end up losing your dignity along the way? Sun Haoran, a female student at the university says, “I won’t skip class in future – I don’t want to clean the boy’s stinky bathrooms!”


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With over 50,000 students skipping class per day there is an issue which needs to be addressed but is cleaning really the way to go? And should this go out to all universities?

Do you think students should be punished for skipping class?