When It Comes To Fashion – I Look Boring 

I have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet I still don’t know what I’m doing. I own two pairs of jeans in which one pair gets used almost daily and the times I’m not wearing them it’s because I haven’t gotten out of my pyjamas. I have endless amounts of tops, vests, t-shirts some pretty and some pretty disgusting that maybe has a few holes in them. When it comes to fashion I haven’t got a clue what looks ok, what colours are allowed or what shoes to even consider so I end up throwing money at the screen online shopping, sometimes proper shopping, on clothes thinking it will make me look like one of the models in the magazines. It doesn’t. 

If you haven’t realised already, I love feeling comfortable so I tend to always wear black skinny high-waisted jeans (hides the bloated stomach…good eh?) and anything on top because what doesn’t go well with black jeans? I usually opt for a pair of dolly shoes or my amazing and comfy pair or blue vans (and yes each shoe has a hole in it). Honestly, I do like fashion and I always wish I would look like a model with long legs and how graceful the clothes look but most of the clothes are not really suited for a quick dash to Tesco so black skinny jeans and the nearest top it is. 

“if I don’t feel comfortable I reach for my trust worthy safety blanket of skinny black jeans”

When it comes to fashion I feel like I’ve just missed this part of life where everyone seems to grasp it and know exactly what to do with it and I’ve just gone through with my eyes closed. Honestly, I probably dress a bit boring and when it comes to challenging myself of not wearing those worn out black jeans I panic. So where did realisation all begin? As an adult you’d probably think people’s comments doesn’t bother you but they actually do. Recently a friend of mine made the comment “do you always wear skinny jeans?” And I can’t even begin to tell you how personal I took that. Since then I’ve been throwing more money at the screen than I’ve ever done before on trousers, skirts and some casual dresses and what I still can’t grasp is the shoes! With jeans you can wear whatever you want from flip flops and sandals to trainers and dolly shoes – it doesn’t matter! But when you’re staring in the full length mirror wearing a pair of green Canvas trousers debating whether or not they suit you with a top that you think goes and getting upset because you don’t know what shoe truly suits. Brown sandals? Am I really comfortable wearing this sort of stuff? Most of the time I experiment and if I don’t feel comfortable I reach for my trust worthy safety blanket of skinny black jeans.

When it comes down to it it’s probably style and those TV shows you watch where they claim everyone has a bit is obviously a big fat liar! Not everyone has style and trying to learn it just doesn’t seem as fun as fashion is meant to be. If you look through the photos on my phone you will come across like a million inspiration outfit photos that I can take with me shopping. If it looks good in the photo it will surely look good on me right? Well, not always. But that’s why you have experts and professionals right? What it’s come down to is spending a good hour staring at myself in the mirror whilst changing into the hundreds of different clothes that I now own and still have no idea what I’m doing. Bring on the challenge of not wearing skinny jeans for a while…help! 

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