Smear Tests Should Be Viewed As Compulsory

If you’re lucky enough to have had a smear test then you know it can be quite uncomfortable. No woman is happy about stretching out her legs  and moving down into her bum whilst naked and having a stranger, who you see for all your medical problems, stare at your vagina whilst sticking a toothbrush like swab in there. It’s awkward but it’s just one of those things women have to go through to check everything’s how it should be. When I received my first letter about getting a smear test I felt so happy. It was six months before my 25th birthday and I’d been waiting for this for a few years now. So let me explain my weird happiness…

Eight years ago when I was 17 my aunty Shelly passed away from cervical cancer. It had been known that my aunty hadn’t had a smear test for around seven years. If she went to regular smear tests would she have had a better chance of a life or maybe survival? Maybe. Ever since I have always been interested in having my own smear tests completed once I was of age (25). So not everyone has motivation to go for their test but anyone reading this please just go and do it. You’re in and out within 10 minutes and that includes any questions the nurse has. It’s better to always get yourself checked.

“Even though the word ‘low’ was said my eyes couldn’t read further – I’d already started crying”

After my smear I was feeling nervous about the results as cancer is something that generally hits the family all the time. Getting the results was difficult for me as it mentioned I had low abnormal cells and that I had a HPV virus and needed a follow up appointment. Even though the word ‘low’ was said my eyes couldn’t read further – I’d already started crying. With my mother next door I asked her what colposcopy was and immediately she comes running into my room screaming the word no. It hit me right there that having a smear test was the most important thing to have done because at one point my mum would have gone through this with her sister.

To date, I’ve had my follow up appointment and I’m relieved to say that my cells looked healthy and the HPV virus is just something that comes and goes and was explained to be just like a cold but instead of your general cold – you just get a version of it down there. I was ok this time round but might not be in the future so whether you think you don’t need it because you’ve already had one or just don’t want to go – please just go. Cells change all the time so it’s best to always get them checked.

In regards to the age limit I wish it could be lowered but it is what it is but what we can do and wish for is for females to go and get the test done. You never know what the results are going to be and if it’s bad then you’ve caught it at the right time. Don’t leave these things too late regardless of how embarassing it can be.