Revive Post Party Skin

We’re all suffering today. Most of us are hungover while sleep deprived, and the last thing on my mind is how I look, least of all wanting to achieve my everyday make-up look. But it does bother me that my skin is tight, dry, rough, my nose is covered in dead skin, it’s dehydrated and uneven and my lips are completely dry. It’s these times in need, and shit skin conditions, that I turn to a ‘god help me’ skincare routine.

With myself having neither the energy or the motivation to do anything more than lie in bed all day accompanied by the endless TV drab that will flicker in the background, and eat the rest of the Christmas junk, a good quality routine is definitely what I need. It can take up to half an hour depending on how long you leave the facemask on for but with my day consisting of not leaving my bed, why not, you’re skin won’t even know you’re surviving on a few hours sleep.

I have several emergency products, all stacked and forced into my shelving unit, that I will occasional reach for in the exact situations like this. I have been using, and adore, Waitrose Pure Cleansing and Exfoliating Powder (£2). It’s fine granules, rather than the harsh thick ones, is great for restoring life back into your skin and getting rid of any make-up you may have missed the night before. It mixes beautifully (when mixed with warm water to create a paste) and contains waterlily to help soothe and calm the skin, making it gentle enough to smooth the skins texture (and get rid of what seemed like an entire layer of skin on my nose), something that got out of hand as soon as I touched a drop of alcohol.

Another favourite, which has become the latest beauty obsession, is Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask (£39.90), it’s thick and cooling, and seems to suit everyone, from acne and blemished skin to dry and flakey complexions. It sinks into your pores to detoxify, brighten and give you a healthier look and, most importantly, helps get rid of nasty blemishes and tighten pores. It also helps tackle angry blotches and redness. Whilst the mask is setting, I love using Crystal Collagen Eye Masks (£3.27 for 10!), as they are cooling, hydrating and they seem to instantly get rid of puffy eyes.

Aside from these, I like to reach for Simple’s Hydrating Booster (£6.99), perfect for adding a bit of hydration to the skin, as the clay mask soaks up the excess sebum, it gives your skin the radiance it needs, and it gives you the look that you’ve just fake downed 8 glasses of water. To set everything in place I finish with Avon’s Infinite Lift Eye Cream/Gel (£10, special offer), an amazing dual eye system that caters for the the brow bone and under eye area, it’s creamy base and gel texture, it’s sure to awaken your tired eyes. What’s your go-to products?


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