A Facemask For Every Need (And Desire)

If there’s one product in the skincare world that I just couldn’t live without, it would have to be a facemask. I window shop hundreds of masks every year and, after adding several to my wishlist and purchasing one or two at a time, I am mostly intrigued which of the masks give me that flawless complexion, a dewy glow and, ones that help calm, and fingers crossed, gets rid of blemishes. But with the current stock pile coming in at 13 masks – only one face can fit a maximum of four. One for hydrating those cheeks, one for detoxifying and sucking the excess sebum from your chin and forehead, one for balancing out your skin on your nose and finally, and most importantly, one for making sure your eyes don’t look like you’ve suffered on your sleep for the past month. So, with the New Year trying to settle in and, of course I’m still a little confused and trying to get to grips with the world, there’s no doubt I’ll be purchasing a lot more so, here are my current favourites.

Fulfilling all my wants and needs, except for the eye area, is Vichy Multi-Masking Expert Kit for three (£10.50, currently on offer). Giving you the choice to use two masks at a time, I always use all three, with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, white clay, volcanic rock, vitamin B3 and, mineralising water it caters for each and every section and type of your skin and I would definitely say this is the perfect 3-in-1 mask. Enclosing a hydrating and quenching gel mask (very cooling), it’s the quintessence of putting moisture back into dry cheeks, or entire face. With just one application it can just as easily turn your dry and flaky skin into a hydrated and smooth complexion. The second mask in the kit and, just as good as the first, is the double glow peel mask and let me tell you it’s as brilliant as it sounds. This is perfect as a pick me up, and all rounder product, as not only does it cater as a mask but it also qualifies as an exfoliant. The main ingredients being AHA and volcanic rock it brings your dull and lifeless skin back into a glowing and, incredibly smooth, form. The third and, honestly my favourite one, has to be my second best when it comes to clay masks (see my review on Sand & Sky: my number one!), helps neutralise your skins natural pH balance, which is great for oily t-zones or oily complexions, and is a winner for when it comes to pores and blackheads.

I personally don’t think you can get better than a multi-tasking expert kit, it’s perfect for any emergency skin situation, and skin types, but if you prefer a more matte finish, try Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask (£5.95). It’s resemblance of the clay mask is astonishing, with an added bonus, the mask cools and, slightly tingles, your complexion, the mask gets to work on not just the sebum sucking, pore purifying and, banishing blemishes, but also leaving your skin clean and clear, all redness calmed and small little red patches gone. Not a fan of a clay mask but want the same benefits? Read my review on the E.L.F Bubble Mask.

If your preference is for cooler gel masks then The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask (£17, I received the duo set for £32) is ideal. I have not come across a mask that calms and neutralises redness as much as this one (any contenders please comment below). Every part of my face has been cooled, calmed and, hydrated. For the perfect companion, read my review on the Crystal Collagen Eye Masks.


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