Athleisure Essentials

Although there are endless ‘it’s bad for your skin’ talks, the realistic approach – which is probably supporting a full face of make-up – I can see why most people are ignoring, me included, the fact that wearing make-up whilst working out is bad for your skin. With make-up being our shield, our way to be creative, and most importantly, our confidence, there are just some rules we’ll simply push to the back of our minds. Being able to cover the scars, blemishes and, the fact I haven’t slept properly in a week, gives me such confidence, that I never knew I had, that I don’t want to give it up when it comes to exercising. Instead, I have put to the test some athleisure essentials that not only help allow my skin to breathe whilst working out, but to also take care of my skin post workout.

Whether I’m partaking in lifting weights, yoga, HIIT sessions or good old running as cardio, I like to know that my red, scarred and uneven skin isn’t on show. For this I use proto-col baked mineral colour correct (£27.95) to calm, balance and act as a concealer. The correct allows your skin to breathe and contains anti-bacterial and anti-flamatory ingredients. Like the colour correct, proto-col baked mineral foundation (£27.95) works in exactly the same way. To apply, I gently sweep the mineral cosmetics to avoid blocking my pores but enough to cover my complexion. I still like my eyes to stand out and to do this I use Avon Mark Spectralash Mascara (£10). It’s not waterproof or sweat-proof, which is preferred if wearing to the gym, but the three different settings give you the most defined lashes. Recommend a good sweat-proof mascara? Comment below. One step I will not be swayed on is lip care. When your active your lips can become very dry and flakey so to add moisture and hydration I use Eucerin Intense Lip Balm (£5.99). To finish, I like to set everything in place and to do this I use Sport FX Face Mist + Fix (£5.99). It’s designed to work alongside your active lifestyle and be kind to your skin.

When I have worn make-up to my workout sessions, I like to go bare if exercising at home, the most important, and definitely recommended step to take post workout is to throughly cleanse. I love Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalising Cleanser (£5.00, 30ml travel size), a gel formula designed to refresh skin, reduce redness and dissolve dirt, excessive sebum and all traces of make-up. To help moisturise and hydrate my skin I use my current favourite, E.L.F Water Droplet Balm (£12.50). The balm instantly turns to a water like substance and glides beautifully onto the skin that cools and balances uneven skin tone. I don’t like to add anymore products to my skin to help avoid irritating it more than I already have.

For days I’m time starved I reach for Batiste Dry Shampoo (£4.49 for full size. Travel size in picture), for a quick hair refresh and after showering I like to use Victoria’s Secret Body Mist in Vanilla Lace (£12.00). No one will know you’ve just spent the last hour in a gruelling workout.

Left: freshly applied make-up using the products mentioned above. Right: taken 20 minutes after completing 30 minutes of running.

(Eyebrows are microbladed. No make-up applied on them.)

Verdict: The only difference I found was that my bigger blemishes, luckily just the one, were more on show and the mascara left a little mark beneath my eye. Everything else stayed the same. Flawless complexion without red marks, scars or tired looking eyes.


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