New Year Stress

Well, we’re not even past January and already it’s a struggle. Balancing work and life seems to be in full swing and learning how to de-stress, relax and refresh your mind to help put our phones down and enjoy our evenings and weekends is becoming difficult. With phones and tablets we’re given constant access to emails, documents, and social media, which part of my work consists of. Being able to leave work at our desks, and not take any stress home has once again failed and we’re only 18 days in!

It’s time to break our after hours work habit and leave tasks at the office, which is easier said than done. The commute home whether we take the train, the bus or even drive, is a valuable time to help us de-stress, relax, and unwind.

When I’m driving home the last thing I want to be is stressed and unsettled with the thought of unfinished work and the perfect way to lift my mood is Scentered De-Stress Therapy Balm (£13.50). It’s become the latest addiction, and handbag essential, to help de-stress, relax, and lift any unsettling moods. The uplifting chamomile, sweet Brazilian orange, Jasmin, and Mimosa, helps ease tension and soothes the mind. Around half four I roll this onto my pulse points and let it work it’s magic. Depending on my mood I will re-apply just as I’m leaving the office.

To many of us music is everything and when it’s hard to unwind I like to put in my headphones and zone out whilst I focus on the tasks in hand. From relaxing, and slight depressing music or more upbeat tunes, this way we can drown out the sound of typical office noises and concentrate on being calm and collective. Once I’ve had 10 minutes, or when I’ve completed a few small tasks, I rethink my days plan and set myself realistic goals.

If nothing seems to work, and when the weather isn’t pouring down with rain, I go walking at lunchtime. It allows us to take a step back, think clearly and just simply get your mind off everything, hopefully before half five comes round. Now with the endless amounts of work, deadlines and just wanting to keep ahead, trying to take a step back can be impossible to stop what you’re doing just to re-evaluate. In order to keep my head afloat, and my To-Do list short, I try and do as many little tasks before moving onto the big things. Within my job social media can take up most of my time so to help minimise this I block out an hour, sometimes I’ve resorted to a quick 10 minutes here and there, focusing on content management. Even though I’ve taken time to stop what I’m doing to help relax and jumpstart the mind I find that most days I’m not going home with any type of work.


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