My Weekday Face

Everything about make-up puts me in a good mood, not just because it incredibly turns my drawn out, dull and ordinary complexion into something more than just a plain Jane face, but with the millions of products out there I love getting experimental with each and every one I purchase. From bases, foundations and concealers to eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadows, it’s hard to round them up and pick your basics, never mind what you would wear at the weekend. In the last 10 years of experimenting I have come across a lot and I have no doubt that my weekday basics will probably change in a few weeks, but, for now, here are my favourite basics to get me through the week without looking like I’ve died in the night.

My base can depend on my skin. I want a matte complexion and if I wake up with oily skin I reach for E.L.F Oil Control Primer Mist (£9), which helps maintain a balance, even after cleansing. For the days I suffer with dry skin I use DHC Velvet Skin Coat Make-Up Primer (£18.50), a light matte consistency perfect for hydrating. I’m a huge fan of foundation and the endless possibilities they come with, so naturally, I use different ones everyday (look out for next weeks top five foundations), and I always use more than one at a time. I want to achieve a flawless complexion with no acne scars, red blemishes, uneven skintone and slight inflammation in sight and to do this I use Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation (£20), a creamy liquid, mixed with The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (£5.90), a silky liquid, that blends effortlessly. The reason I like to mix? I simply want the benefits of the two.

Concealer – the most known secret weapon that does what a foundation can’t and that is to conceal blemishes, discolouration and dark circles 10 times better than a foundation and to do that I use E.L.F Cover Everything Concealer (£3), a little really does go a long way but for the oily days I resort to using MACs Pro Longwear Concealer (£18). For mornings where I find I have more time than usual or for the times my face seems to be a little puffy, I like to use #ProArtist Highlight & Contour (£6.50), a palette of eight to help define, add depth, and, more importantly, make your face look less puffy. To finish I use Proto-col Baked Mineral Foundation – read the review here.

On weekdays I like to keep it very simple on the eye. I like defined eyes that with a single coat, allows them to stand out and to do this I use E.L.F Volumising & Defining Mascara (£4.50). For the days I concentrate on my eyes rather than my complexion, I use Avon Mark Mascara – read the review here. I’m rarely a fan of lipsticks on the weekday so to add a touch of colour and moisture to my lips I go for Calvin Klein Lipgloss (£6.19), a perfect mix between balm and gloss. As a final step, and maybe the most important, is to set everything in place so by the time 3pm rolls around you’re not left with a blotchy orange face and to prevent this I use Clarins Fix’ Make-Up (£24), a soothing mist you definitely won’t be disappointed in.


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