Body positive posts are louder than ever, with those standing up and shouting ‘THIS IS ME’ whether you’re scrolling through your feed to discover what we once classed as imperfections or flaws such as the state of our skin, the numbers on the scale, the mentality of our minds, and the abilities of our bodies, the list is simply endless. Men and women everywhere are becoming more open about their struggles with disorders and recently we are turning to promoting skin positivity with many of us taking to Instagram to help normalise the most common skin condition of acne.

Acne, amongst other skin conditions, is something that makes us all insecure and hasn’t really been the popular topic between us. We’ve gone our lives thinking that no one must ever see our naked faces, let alone discuss our skin worries. But with the amazing movement with bloggers and celebrities getting on board, it’s allowing us to put a stop to suffering in silence and to letting us speak of our flaws in public. It’s the constant support we need to slowly turn our attention away from the perfectly photoshopped images of celebrities and influencers and using the new found movement in order to accept ourselves.

It’s time to change the way we look at our flaws and instead embrace them, myself most definitely included. I’ve grown up thinking that acne is embarrassing and that it should stay on the face of a teen, not a 25-year-old adult. It’s time to make 2018 a year for bigger changes. I’m promising myself that I will no longer see acne as an embarrassing flaw, or that my cellulite isn’t a normal feature. I’m going to be more open about my own personal battle and to try and not shy away from letting everyone know that ‘THIS IS ME.’


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