I’m Addicted To The Concept Of Foundation

Foundation is a concept that I have fallen deeply in love with and will always be the one make-up item I’ll invest in. The excitement I get when choosing a foundation allows me to think of all the possible attributes it has from mattifying and full coverage to oil-free and long-lasting. I’ve well and truly been sucked in thinking that with every new purchase, I will somehow end up with a beautiful and flawless finish – which sometimes isn’t far off.

So let’s talk about my favourite foundations. Although through the years I’ve experimented with endless amounts of products, it’s not always the most expensive one that comes out on top. I want a foundation that’s main goal is to keep my skin looking radiant and clean whilst giving me enough coverage to cover my acne scars, blemishes, and red patches and bumps – and not to mention lasting longer than 3pm without a shiny and patchy complexion in sight. I’m not asking for it to completely transform my skin but within the 12 hours I’m wearing it I do expect my skin to remain flawless as it did at 7.30am in the morning. I put all of my 18 foundations to the test and here’s what came out on top…

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (£5.90), is not only the cheapest foundation, for the 30ml contenders, I’ve tried but it’s also the best. The lightweight formula leaves my skin matte, smooth, and lasts longer than the 3pm test. It definitely gives my skin the high coverage it promises and for just under £6 you can’t really complain much. Also nailing the 3pm test is Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation + Concealer (£13), a thick creamy texture with more coverage (who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 product?) that gives you a dewy finish. I do have to admit that when it comes to 3pm there is a slight shiny look on my chin but elsewhere remains shine-free.

I found that MAC Next To Nothing (£27), not the cheapest of the bunch, is not only a foundation I would wear in winter, when mixed, but also the perfect product for summer! If you prefer something with a little more radiance, a lightweight feel, and something you can build upon then this is for you. I love mixing this with my current number 4, Gosh Foundation Plus Cover + Conceal (£9.99), another 2-in-1 with a drop or two to give my skin a little more coverage, and the power to cover those scars. MAC lasts all 12 hours without a single patch, shine, or dry skin in sight – definitely a must-have for summer. Gosh foundation and concealer gives MAC the oomph factor and alone is again a thick, creamy formula that if you apply too much is one to fail the 3pm test five hours too short. If applied with a beauty blender then you’ll last until about 5pm until the shine starts to show.

My final winner, and fifth in place, is Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation 16HR (£15), a creamy blend that not only has the willpower to last until 4pm, not the 16 hours it promises, but also strong enough to cover those scars. So my first mistake in purchasing this was that I picked the wrong colour. So I may be porcelain in high street shops but when it comes to anywhere else I’m definitely a lighter shade. Awaiting the arrival The Body Shop Shade Adjustment Drops, I alternatively use any moisturiser my skins needs are for that day, or I team it up with a foundation that is a little too light for my complexion. The main reason it’s in my top five is because it’s the best foundation to make my skin look even. With more foundations on its way to my make-up drawer I’ll let you know if it knocks any of my top five off their spots.


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