Get That Natural Glow: The Best Oils & Serums

So what seemed like the end of a thousand year month is finally over and we’re just that one step closer to summer. I’m counting down the days until my holiday, and the days my skin no longer feels the cold. But for now my skin remains on the dry side of combination, dull-looking and just lifeless. And it’s during times of winter skin that I turn to oils and serums that gives my skin it’s natural glow. When there’s hardly any time, or the effort to do much more than cleansing my skin, or when my skin is lacking in practically everything, grabbing an oil or serum from my shelf is just what my skin needs. It’s an extremely simple skincare step yet highly effective on giving my skin the boost it needs to replenish my natural glow.

I have several favourites crammed onto my beauty shelf or in my skincare box, and I will undoubtedly reach for any one of them in times of desperate need or a quick fix. I’m absolutely in love with serums and my favourite, even though it’s new, has to be BeautyPie Super Healthy Skin Serum (£10.27 for members) as it’s cooling, moisturising, and it gives my skin a dewy finish, making my skin look a little less boring. It sinks in perfectly without needing to rub and it cools and calms my red patchy skin and sometimes tight complexion.

When my skin is particularly lacking in moisture I turn to Valjean Labs Restore Facial Serum (£6.99 TKMaxx). It’s liquid is light and is great for hydrating your skin. My skin soaks it up beautifully and contains Niacinamide – an ingredient to help improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, fullness and a weakened skin surface – and Zinc, making it suitable for red and inflamed areas.

For an intense overnight hydration I always go for Avon Nutraeffects Miracle Glow Facial Oil (£10) giving me a natural glow and a moisturised complexion by the time I’ve woken. Another new product that I came across, and currently loving at the moment is a facial oil that not only calms my skin but also helps me sleep. I came across Measurable Difference Blue Tansy Sleeping Oil (£5.99, only seen in store) in TKMaxx and I was pulled in by the deep blue liquid. An oil that can be used on the face or body contains the ingredient blue tansy which is said to act as an antibacterial, antihistamine, and general anti-inflammatory that also helps the skin calm and soothe. For times that my skin is stressed, and myself too, I indulge in the magical blue oil that transforms my skin from a red patchy and irritated state to a bright, soothed and very calm complexion. Not only is it an emergency skincare go-to but it also lets it’s aroma work it’s magic by relaxing my mind and helping me sleep. Definitely a must-have product through the year.


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