Healthy Ageing

Skincare is something I’ve grown to love over the years and will always be interested in the ingredients, benefits it can deliver to my skin, and what’s good for my skin at every age. At the age of 26 there will always be speculation on whether or not I should be using anti-ageing skincare. I’m too young, I don’t have wrinkles, and it’s just not needed but I personally believe everyone should be using some type of anti-ageing skincare product, even as young as 21, or include a few steps to ensure that I, and everyone interested in maintaining their skin, age healthily. Why not combat the signs of ageing before it’s too late? With pollution, different lifestyles such as smoking, drinking, or not getting enough sleep can all lead to premature ageing, whatever your age, so why not look after your skin? Here’s a few things I currently live by to make sure my skin stays healthy…

Antioxidants. To keep my skin protected, hydrated and replenished I go for a serum with added vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants are like the non-secret, secret weapon for your skin. They protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which are caused by air pollution, alcohol, smoking, even fried foods and exercise, that can eventually damage skin cells. Antioxidants within your skincare products work magic for the health and appearance of your skin, including reducing the signs of ageing.

SPF. Another thing that can cause premature ageing is the sun. Even in the winter, I religiously apply sunscreen on my face, neck, chest and my hands to protect my skin from any type of exposure. In the summer I like to go for an SPF as high as 50, I tend to burn very easily, and in the winter I reach for a minimum of 30. Brands nowadays are making sure SPF is added to their products, even foundations and primers, so making sure your skin is protected has gotten that little bit easier.

Eye Cream. Your skin around your eyes is a lot thinner, and more delicate, than the rest of your face hence why the first signs of ageing happens around the eyes. Applying an eye cream, or gel, twice a day can help ensure your skin is extra protected and allows your skin to hopefully match the age you actually are. My favourite eye products has to be creams as it nourishes my skin throughout the day and night.

Neck cream. Ok, so you’re probably thinking why I would particularly single out a neck cream but the main reason is not only ageing skin but also our phones too. Your neck ages just as much as your face and sometimes it happens first so making sure your neck is well nourished and looked after is vital. The other reason I like to use a cream for my neck is because of my phone. I’m constantly looking down on my phone, and with the effects of the sun already thinning my skin on my neck and chest, it causes ageing a lot sooner than it naturally would. Pass me that firming cream!


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