The Right Kind Of Acid

I have so many on and off days about acne, not because one day I’ll have several and the next I’ll have none, but because some days it looks calm and friendly and other days it looks angry and sore. My acne is more of a under the surface type supported by scars on the top and sometimes bumps. When we suffer regularly from red, blotchy, sometimes sore skin, we’re all tempted to throw all kinds of things on it to get it back under control; but sometimes we aggravate it more and sometimes it does as it’s told. It’s a hard-daily struggle that we all go through and some of us are winning and some of us are sick and tired of seeing the same shit on our faces, myself included.

I have a few skincare products that I’m currently trying from different brands such as Beauty Pie, Vichy, E.L.F and so on but I wanted a product that would not only help with my blemishes but also something that would improve my skin tone and texture, without having to buy several products. If you read my last blog or checked my Instagram you would have seen a small mention of the product I came across. I was instantly excited and scared, partly due to the vivid red colour but also the fact I was directly applying acids onto my skin. I came across The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (£6.30), a ten-minute exfoliating facial, in one of their stores and just knew I had to give it a try.

Long story short on the instructions, you apply onto the face and neck and leave for ten minutes. DO NOT LEAVE ON FOR LONGER THAN TEN MINUTES. Then rinse with lukewarm water. At first, I was panicking as I didn’t know if I could apply using my naked fingers, if I had to rinse it off if I felt the slightest tingle, if it was going to stain my skin, or just your average questions when your faced with a blood red liquid completely made up of acids. My mind was obviously taken back to the time I was at school always being told not to handle acids, especially without gloves on as it could melt my skin.

After the first try my skin instantly looked brighter and somehow more defined, if that’s a thing. It was a little on the shiny side but soon calmed down after applying moisturiser. I’ve now used this probably four times and my skin literally looks better every time. I honestly feel like it’s gently removing the top layer of my skin, acne scars slowly, slowly, looking better. I always need to apply moisturiser on my skin just to put some hydration back into it – it can thank me later – and I don’t usually apply anything else other than eye cream. I’ll keep you guys updated with the progress and have included a little during and after picture below.


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