My Personal Skin Fitness Plan

When it comes to your skin, you know what products are best to use whether it’s a simple cleanser, toner and moisturiser or a full blown and dedicated skincare regime of double cleansing, toner, serum, another serum, a special treatment, moisturiser and sometimes even a facial mist or oil. Everyone knows their skin better than anyone else so when it comes to buying into skincare we tend to look into different brands and products in able to give our skin what it needs, but it’s not always the best approach. Working within the beauty industry I’ve learnt and been told that it’s best to use products all from the same brand as they work in harmony with one another, which helps achieve the best results.

Through the years I’ve tried sticking to one brand but Ive also gone down the route of using products from different brands and I have found that my skin will essentially tell me if it isn’t a perfect match so I’m yet to find all skincare products from one brand. Having combination, acne-prone skin I usually buy products that help the acne side of things but it doesn’t always help my actual skin type so finding a product perfect for me can be difficult. Recently visiting the Professional Beauty trade show, I managed to have a look round and see what new skincare products brands launched and if they catered for my exact skin type and worries. One brand that really stood out, for my personal needs, was Dermalogica as they were offering to give you your own skin fitness plan.

As we were going through my plan one of the therapists examined my skin and noted down different problems for each area of my face. At the time my forehead was really dehydrated, my cheeks had a bit of red discolouration and blemishes with scars and she confirmed my skin was combination, but what really shocked me was that she noted I had really tight pores – definitely the sort of news I wanted to hear about my skin! After looking at my skin and explaining my skin concerns and type, then came the best bit, the personalised skin fitness plan. Some of the products prescribed weren’t available at the show but the ones that were were included in one of their introductory skincare sets, discounted to £25.50 (usually £30) as part of a show offer. The ‘Meet Dermalogica‘ skincare kit included the Special Cleansing Gel, a light gel cooling to the skin, helped remove all impurities. The Daily Microfoliant, a fine grain exfoliant, works to remove daily dirt deep from the pores and prepare your skin for your next products. There was also the Skin Smoothing Cream, a medium weight moisturiser, that helps cool, calm and hydrate the skin and is perfect for combination/ dry skin. The last product in the kit, one that wasn’t in my plan, was the Multivitamin Power Firm, a silicone like texture to help protect the skin and improve elasticity. I’m definitely excited to trial my personalised products to fit my skins needs and will do a full review in a few weeks time. What did you think of your skin fitness plan from Dermalogica?


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