A Dewy Finish

We’re all in limbo this week. Snow, rain and the sun have all made appearances in the last few days and the only thing on my mind is keeping my make-up on my face and not half way down my neck by 3pm. With my skin taking a literal battering from all weathers it’s become dry, dehydrated, shiny and no matter how many times I exfoliate, scaly. The joys of combination skin! It’s these times in need that I start to rely on my fixing sprays to brighten my skin throughout the day and keep my make-up in place.

With myself not having the time to perfect my full face or the energy to re-apply throughout the day, fixing sprays have become my best friend and is something I definitely need. All it takes it a few sprays from forehead to neck and you’re good to go. I have a few fixing sprays that I’ve tested and depending on the day, I sometimes use two. I have been using, and totally surprised by, SportFx Time Out Face Mist + Fix (£5.99), recently tested for Athleisure here, as not only does it serve for those who are more active, I definitely don’t count my ‘sitting in a chair all day’ as exercise so at first I was hesitant to use it as an everyday product. The fine mist supples hydration to the skin throughout the day and doesn’t create any patches.

One of my luxury buys, to see if there was much difference, was the Clarins Fix Make-Up (£24), that has a strong rose fragrance. The spray is easy to use but it does leave your skin a little too wet so I wouldn’t use too much. I found my skin went a little too dry, which was great for the oily parts but not so much on the dry parts. Usually if I go for this one, as it seriously soaks up excess oil, I pair it up with the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray (£13) , a hydrating and illuminating fine mist that almost gave my complexion a refreshing look. For the days my skin is really dry I tend to use this one alone for a more hydrated and flawless look.

If I’m finding that my skin looks a little too dull and dry by midday I find that my toner is a really good way to freshen up the skin – but only if it had a spray top.