The Little Luxuries That Lift Your Mood

I don’t know about you but when the seasons are changing over and the weather doesn’t really know what it’s doing, I seem to be on a full blown come down. I become lazy, unproductive and I tend to eat so much rubbish every day. For those type of days, or the really stressful ones, I take extra steps in my day, that we usually take half-heartedly, to try and shift this weird phase and uplift my mood.

NO.1 Fresh Bedding

Popping on fresh bedding with the mounds of blankets and pillows, always lifts my mood and my motivation. It’s true what they say, tidy and comfortable surrounding does wonders for getting down to it and producing some of your finest work. For days that I’ve completely written off and just want to fast forward to the next day, clean sheets are a definite must-have! Personally, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is whether I’m clutching the duvet for dear life in the hope I don’t die of hyperthermia or literally bathing in my own sweat from the heat – I will always have two supporting blankets. Call me weird, I know.

NO.2 Candles

Before I get into how great candles are can I just ask if anyone buys overpriced, my god I have to have it candles, I’m looking at you Jo Malone? I absolutely love the grapefruit one, big citrus fan, and I will never burn it! Ok, maybe on a special occasion but even then, I’ll buy a dupe, hello Aldi! Anyway, back to candles, aren’t they just the best invention ever? It’s like the equivalent of a bath bomb, stick with me, that you buy it because it’s cute and it smells amazing.

I tend to overuse candles so I look at them as more of a daily need rather than a treat but for the days I’m feeling particularly low, or my motivation has practically jumped from the nearest window, I like to burn my ‘it’s treat time’ candles, yes, they exist.

NO.3 Facemask & A Cuppa

Before you ask, yes if you know me I hardly drink hot beverages and yes it needs to be a tea because as soon as I’m sat, more like sprawled, on my bed, hair up in a bun with a fresh facemask on, that first sip tastes a thousand times better believe me. Ok fine, it can be a hot chocolate if you wish, I save that up for Autumn/Winter, but trust me when I say you need to accompany a great facemask with a hot drink because all your current worries literally melt away and allows you to focus more on what’s important. The facemask is up to you but here’s some of my favourites.

NO.4 Dressing Gown

Ok, so this one is a bit of a well-known must-have and is something that you immediately change into the moment you step through your door but there are some people out there that don’t wear one. I know, my mum is one. If you don’t think this one is important and aren’t really sure what impact it can have on your life then I suggest you go buy one straight away, preferably a fluffy one to help you feel cosier in any surrounding – your welcome. Along with my PJs, slightly fleecy trousers from Fat Face and a basic tee from Primark, oh and not to forget the fluffy bed socks, yes they are required, my whole sense of being completely changes from a stressy moody cow to, well, a comfy less-stressy moody cow. Sometimes being in a comfortable setting with comfortable clothing really allows you to hone your priorities and put yourself first.

NO.5 The Whole Face Thing

What I mean by the whole face thing is completely removing all traces of make-up and then doing a full skincare routine. The feeling I get when I first take off my make-up is in the same league as taking off my shoes at the end of the day – see you know what I mean. Taking the time to focus on yourself for even five minutes really relaxes you and the fragrances of the products can also help do this. A quick routine, doesn’t even have to be a facemask, of just cleansing, toning and moisturising helps take a step back from work, hopefully kids and all your worries and sets your mind up for the rest of your relaxing evening.