The Best Spring Nails

For someone whose nails were never allowed to be painted due to working in retail, or completely forgetting to paint them, I still love picking out a colour best suited to my mood. With a variety of shades in different colours I always examine each one, but I always seem to go for some variation of pink or turquoise.

But with the new season and the fact I no longer work in retail, it’s time to pick out my current favourites from all the colours currently sat on my unit. With a quick search on Pinterest you’re flooded with light pastel nudes, shiny and vivid oranges and blue and of course, the ray of glittery shades – which were all similar to those I have. Like everything, I always choose my products whether it’s an eyeshadow, a mascara, a foundation, on my mood and nail polish is no exception. For the days I’m feeling motivated and happy I always go for bright or pastel shades including Nails Inc in the shade Uptown (£15) a dusty pink polish that glides on easily and effortlessly with a high shine and gel like finish.

For something that helps make my hands look cared and looked after, I always go for the Avon Mark Gel Shine in the shade Olive It (£7) that gives so much coverage in just one coat and also helps to improve the look and condition of your nails – and a perfect spring shade. When bright coloured pastels look too girly, I opt for Lola’s Ultra Shine in the shade Stone Grey (£6.95) a nail polish, still under the pastel umbrella, that gives an intense shine, although a longer drying time than the others. Unless you have a dryer, or a top varnish that helps dry quicker, don’t expect to move for the next five minutes.

For the days I have extra time or feeling really creative, or simply cannot decide what I want to go for, I tend to go for all three. They’re all pastel colours and all complement each shade that help give my hands a makeover from boring and pale to fun and, well, still pale – but painting your nails is great for not biting them and allowing them to chip. For each polish I simply go over them with one coat of the Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat (£7.99), which I’ve obviously had for a long time since the packaging has changed! It’s simple enough, one or two coats and it gives your nails a salon-quality finish.


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