Instagram Made Me Do It

By the time you read this, this week alone I would have already purchased two complete outfits, the next must-have facemask, of course, tried to fit in a couple of workouts so that one day I can look like a toned goddess, attempted a new healthy recipe that claims to be gluten, sugar, dairy and wheat free and oh not to forget spending over a hundred pounds on new hair. Now, I’ve never been the type of person that happily works out, not that most of us are, and although image has always been a secret focus of mine, trying my hardest to deal with a face that’s 2/10, seriously thanks mum and dad, I’ve never really put too much effort into it apart from the odd occasion, until around five or six months ago when I started to become more active on social media. That’s when Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest made me do it…

Beauty Treatments

Until a year ago I was never even bothered about the many ways I could indulge in little luxuries, some that would cost the earth, but that soon changed when I saw an Instagram post of a model in her ‘I just woke up’ look. I clearly wasn’t the only one who thought she looked effortlessly beautiful as there were thousands of comments expressing their thoughts that they’ll never look that good, me included. A short while later the model claimed that she actually had lip fillers, microbladed eyebrows and lash extensions so her natural look wasn’t that natural at all. Personally, I felt like it was an eye opener that something so small could make a massive difference. What followed on from this a few weeks later, with the ongoing insecurity of having little gaps in my eyebrows where there was no hair, I booked myself in for a consultation for microblading.

The process was a little painful at the beginning, bring on the numbing cream, but was also not so straight forward. I have combination skin and so some parts are really oily and others dry so the inner corners of my eyebrows never took the ink in microblading. This resulted in going over my eyebrows using the nano needling method, a technique that allows the ink to go further into the skin using a different tool, which obviously resulted in spending a bit more. I can confidently say the final outcome is amazing and I’m so glad I did it. Now I just save time on my make-up. I have also attempted lash extensions – amazing for the first few days and then they just become annoying – and also facials, definitely a must-have for regularly deep cleaning your skin (look out for my upcoming blog post on how to achieve a facial at home).

Hair Treatments

Ever since I can remember my hair has always been dyed different shades, from red and dark brown to blonde and light brown and late last year I told myself I wasn’t going to dye it for a while as the ends had so much build up – resulting in a darker shade at the bottom than what was at the top. This was however until I saw one of my favourite YouTubers talk about her recent trip to the hairdressers to achieve a balayage look. I wish I was joking when I said I practically booked myself in for the exact same thing a few days later. I missed dying my hair and I knew with summer coming I wanted the ends to look a bit lighter and not worry about regrowth and a different darker shade being at the top. This was to save retouching my roots every couple of months and just let it do its own thing. Within the process my hair also received a toning treatment and also olaplex which helped strengthen and repair the hair follicles in my hair – great if you’re hair has resulted in a straw like texture due to all the dying.

Being a facemask lover, I instantly love the idea of hair masks and so I went on a mad online shopping binge to purchase masks that would help treat my hair in between salon visits, which you guess it, resulted in spending more money.


For those of you who regularly follow my blog, thank you, you know when it comes to fashion, I look boring and I have no idea what I’m doing. Read my blog here. So, when it comes to social media it can be my best friend in trying to learn what garments go with what and different ways to wear the same t-shirt or dress and so on. I do have a habit of buying clothes that look similar to something I already own, I’m looking at the current stock pile of grey t-shirts, so I do tend to buy more clothes in the hope I look Instagram ready, pfft, yeah right!


Whether it’s make-up, skincare (massive fan), hair care, body care, foot care, you name it and I’ve probably got several products for one area of my body. I don’t know what it is when it comes to beauty products but the thought of trying something new gives me hope that every time I reach for the cheap and cheerful or the expensive and hurtful product, I’m magically going to look a million times better. Obviously, there are products out there that can give little, and sometimes a lot, of improvements.


How many times have you scrolled past perfectly structured muscles and a slim figure and just thought shit about yourself? I have, numerous times and I am classed as slim! When I think about what I’d ideally like to look like I think of strength, perfect balance, you know, standing on one foot without nearly falling over, toned muscles and a flat stomach, which believe me is not something that you are able to constantly see – which is normal. But seeing these images have definitely given me the motivation to get my own lazy ass act together and do something about it.

Overall, there are some pros and cons to easily being influenced by those you see on Instagram and of course this is why we see a lot of brand partnerships. The con obviously being spending more money than I’d like to and also always second guessing what I look like, it’s a mad cycle of wanting to be lazy and eat what I want and also wanting to look good. Personally, I think the pros, at the moment, outweigh the cons due to the fact I feel like I’ve just started seeing myself for the first time. I’ve made an effort with my appearance, I’ve spent time working on myself mentally and physically and I’m slowly starting to learn what clothes match and if I can get away with wearing my dressing down out in public, it’s short, grey and fluffy so it honestly looks like a jacket, I swear!

How do you think social media has changed you?


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