Waking Up At 5.30am

When it comes to sleeping it’s my favourite thing to do, despite the five year old me who never wanted to go to bed, regret that now don’t you? It allows us to relax, recuperate and most importantly, let ourselves heal, repair and let it do its thing so any chance I get I will sleep in, have a nap and waste my weekends away in bed watching Netflix which I solely put down to how good Grimm is. Whether it’s down to how good the plot is or just how dreamy David Giuntoli is! Anyway, back to sleeping. Due to the fact I sleep at every possible minute and waste away time I could use to help self-improve myself, I wanted to challenge myself at waking up at half five every morning for a week. Here’s how I got on…


Bedtime: Around 9.00pm

Wake Up: 6.00am

So first of all I tried to go to sleep at 9.00pm on Saturday, yes I have no life and the idea of going to sleep early excited me but let me tell you it doesn’t work straight away. I tossed and turned until around 10.30pm before I eventually fell asleep (according to my Fitbit). So when it came to Monday I knew I had it off work so going to sleep at 9.00pm felt more relaxed and I knew I wouldn’t be in a rush the next morning. I managed to wake up at 6.00am but decided to stay in my pit for an extra half hour. I think knowing I didn’t have work made me stay in bed for an extra half hour, that and the fact my bed is like a giant marshmallow sucking me in at any chance.

Waking up early allowed me to focus on myself and why it was I wanted to wake up so early. I knew I wanted to focus on completing some weight focused workouts as I wanted to become stronger in myself and hoped it would help with my terrible balance (fast forward a week and I’ve also started yoga). I thought being up early would turn me into some sort of irritable monster by lunchtime but my god was I wrong, which is a blessing because I don’t think I would have survived, just imagine a stash of chocolate by the bed with an exposure of an arm every now and again to stuff my face, that’s how it would of turned out. Let’s see what tomorrow brings when I do have work…


Bedtime: Around 9.00pm

Wake Up: 5.40am

Today was a much more successful, yet really hard to get up! I definitely needed a lot of motivation to get up this early and it did pay off. my main reason of waking up early as you know was so I could workout. I don’t know about you but I hate working out after work as I’m all tired and lazy and just want to sit and watch tv, or you know, Grimm, write blogs or get some images taken for my social media channels so being able to wake up earlier and complete my workout and have a proper breakfast, weetabix counts right, was like a dream. Also being able to sit and relax with a cuppa and have time to reflect was just what I needed before I started the day.

As I’m writing this entry it’s currently 5pm and let me tell you I am not tired one bit! Very hungry, but I’m not yet getting tired which surprised me a little as I’m always yawning. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Bedtime: 9.44pm

Wake Up: 6.00am

So this morning didn’t go to plan as you can see I didn’t get out of bed until 6.00am. Honestly I think it was a mixture of the fact the entire part of my legs and bum were in slight discomfort from my workout on Monday. There was no way I was going to even attempt to go for a run this morning so I settled for a lunchtime walk to keep my muscles moving. Anyway back to the wake up call. I was slightly sad the fact I woke up half an hour later, which is still an improvement but I felt as though I didn’t have any motivation. One morning of no workout and I already felt as if I didn’t know what to do with myself. There was thousands of things I could do but I settled for proper breakfast and a cuppa instead. Toast this time. If you’re wondering what a rubbish breakfast is classed as it’s a breakfast bar whilst driving to work.

It’s currently 2.42pm and Ive just come back from my walk and I can say I’m feeling a little tired but no yawning yet! Result!


Bedtime: 11.00pm

Wake Up: 5.30am

I was really surprised this morning at the fact I woke up at half five never mind wake up and get out of bed! As you can see I had a late night last night seeing the bestie so it was all junk food, Netflix and catching up and I thought that when it came round to my alarm going off I would moan and press the snooze several times. I don’t know what happened but I was up and out of bed. I did find that I pottered around and it took me longer to get into things and I definitely didn’t want to workout, but I did it.

Today is really shocking me because I thought with little sleep, less than I would usually get, I would be yawning all day and dead to the world by the time three o’clock came round but again nothing. Ok, so I yawned two or three times but I survived!


Bedtime: 8.30pm

Wake up: 5.42am

So usually I’ll have an alarm for 5.20am and then 5.30am just to give myself a warning that it’s time to get up but for some reason my second alarm didn’t go off which resulted in me getting up at this time! But not bad. I generally thought this would throw me off my game and I’d resort back to being a late waker, eat breakfast in the car and yawn all day Laura but still nothing! I’m sensing something weird is happening here but maybe it’s because I’ve fully woken myself up by working out? Let me know if that’s true!


Bedtime: 9.19pm

Wake up: 7.00am

It’s the weekend, I’m allowed a lie in – not bad seeing as I wouldn’t usually wake up until 11.00am! I think when the weekend rolls around it’s still great to get up early and make the most of your time off so ideally waking up around half six maybe seven is still a good enough time to prepare myself for the day, plan and organise my blog content and just hang out with friends.


Bedtime: 9.30pm

Wake up: 7.30am

When it comes to the Sunday I like to be more chilled and relaxed so this morning I woke up at half seven, but I didn’t actually get out of bed until half eight, not bad. I like to just check out social media and watch YouTube videos and just enjoy relaxing in bed. Today will be the day I plan my photos for social media and if I didn’t do it yesterday, I write up my blog posts. This one has been a bit different as I wanted to write it like a diary entry so I’ve been logging in how I’ve been feeling everyday and I’ve really enjoyed it. I think going off what I’ve experienced this week in how I’ve felt, what my moods been like, honestly I’m way less moody and what I’ve been able to achieve, I’m definitely going to carry this on!

Ok, so it’s a week later and I can confidently say that I’ve managed the early starts, slightly later times as the whole clock change has messed with my mind, but still a 6.00am start is pretty good. I’m continuing to workout and Ive never felt so good. Hopefully once I’m fully adjusted to the time change I can focus on other things as well as working out. My book for starters! Watch this space…

Have you tried waking up early? What did you find difficult?


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