Spring Clean: Decluttering Your Beauty Products

Once spring begins there’s always something in the air that makes you clean, declutter and organise your shit and beauty products is no exception. Throughout April I’m going to be giving a series of spring clean posts to help you get ready for summer!

So, I’ll be totally honest, throughout my throwing away and keeping stage there we’re products in there I’ve had for years and just not had the heart to chuck it away – my products are my babies, even if I have kept it for three years and not once opened it. I have a problem ok? This decluttering and organising had definitely come at the right time – and excitedly gives me the opportunity to buy more things, not that I needed one.

No.1 Remove Everything

First things first. Empty everything you have and sort them into piles. Items you use everyday, items for special occasions, items you’ve never used, or out of date and any duplicates – oh it happens, I had three nail varnishes from the same brand in the same shade. You can do this before putting everything back but at this point I cleaned all shelving and any boxes I use for separators.

No.2 Go Through It All

If there’s products that are out of date, or separated, throw it out straight away. You want to avoid spreading bacteria causing skin irritation, breakouts and any eye infections. For the duplicates and the items you just don’t use, that are in date, give them away or host your own giveaway. Unfortunately all of mine were out of date or separated so badly the colour had changed so in the bin it all went. For other items, give them a clean and if you want to organise the shit out of them add them into a spreadsheet – I know, even the thought of a spreadsheet makes me shiver – but logging what you have, when it expires and even making notes will help you clarify everything. In my notes I write down if I’ve blogged about it before or if I’ve photographed it for social media. This helps avoid any repetition – of course there are exceptions, if I love a foundation or a facemask I’m going to mention the fuck out of it – but it will also help your future content. Already written a review for a certain product before? Link it into your blog post so everyone can give it a read. It can also help you describe the product in more detail or mention the things you haven’t done before.

No.3 Divide Your Products

If you haven’t already and also have the space to do so, dividing your items into separators can help you find things quicker and saving time getting ready. It also looks amazing! For my make-up I have used the top drawer in my chest drawers and put in boxes. The boxes can come from a perfume set, or a beauty box you get delivered to your door every month, or if you have nothing IKEA is like the best place for little baskets and boxes that can easily fit. Once put together, I like to put the products that are running out of date first at the top. Not sure when the expiry date is? What I like to do is try and recall when I bought it and add the months/years. Not sure when you bought it? Look at the state of your products, do they still have pigmentation? Has it separated? What’s the pump like? Sometimes you just have to guess. Recently researching how long you should keep your products for, I found this in an article from StyleCaster:

Liquid skin makeup: 6-12 months

Powder face makeup: 24 months

Eyeliner: 12months

Mascara: 3months

Lipstick: 12-24 months

Skin cleansers: 12-24 months

Skin moisturizers (creams and gels): 12-24 months

Do you have any decluttering tips and tricks for your beauty stash? I’d love to hear them. Check back next week for spring clean: change your closet.


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