My Haircare Routine

If I were to describe my hair in one word it would definitely be thin. I have a vested interest in finding something that makes my hair look just a little more plump, hydrated and of course shiny. Whilst I’ve tried what seems to have been a million and one products, some that are so bad it’s put me off my search but some so good I continually purchase every few months and let them just take care of my hair. I must admit I try not to wash my hair more than once a week, partly because I’m too lazy and the other part is that I don’t think it should be washed more than once and so my products really do last a very long time, resulting in trying to fit in all the current stock pile of products within my routines.


When it comes to shampoo & conditioner I’m not merely as interested as what I am in the treatments and the sprays but I usually go for whichever ones are plastered with words ‘volumizing’ or ‘colour protecting.’ For the days my hair is looking dull I reach for B7 Mixology Vanilla Coffee Bean Hairmask, available in TK Maxx. Let me just say if you love the smell of vanilla you are 100% going to fall in love with this, possibly ending up sniffing the jar, or your hair, both are just as good! It helps soften and condition the split ends and gives you that hydrated boost.


Now, onto the good stuff and the most important step in my haircare routine – the volumizer. Big SexyHair Full Bloom Long Lasting Thickening & Refreshing Spray (£16.95), is an instant pick me up for lifeless and limp, dull hair. The fragrant spray is used on damp roots down to the ends and is designed to work it’s magic whilst blow drying, lifting the hairs from the scalp, giving you that fuller and thicker look. Just be careful when spraying, it can be very sticky!

The Protector

Depending on what I’m doing on the days after washing my hair I would always curl or straighten so having a heat protector is always important. The Hot SexyHair 450F Heat Protection Setting Hairspray (£16.95), a 2-in-1 if you will keeps my hair protected, smelling amazing, on the days I don’t wear the mask and an all rounder kick up the butt for all those flyaways or baby hairs trying to escape with the built in hairspray. Also perfect for finishing off your hairstyle whether you’ve gone for wavy, curly and even straight.

The Tools

To finish everything off I use my Remington Silk Straighteners (£90), whether that be loose curls or just simply straight, it works wonders for both. For the technical bits, these straighteners offer a temperature turbo boost to go up to 240C for 30 seconds. They offer a digital display to indicate the best temperature for your hair type and will heat up ready to use in just 10 seconds.


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