Spring Clean: Change Your Closet

Spring – it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s just right and that’s just the temperature. It’s time to change up your wardrobe, swap over your jewellery and get rid of old clothes for donation or simply the bin. If you read my last spring clean series for your beauty products then it’s going to go the same way. Organise, pack away and put things on show. It’s time for that transition between winter and spring.

Go Through & Organise

Ok, the fun yet terrifying part of any sort throughs is to just simply open everything and throw it to the ground, hitting yourself in the face on the way down. Doing this will help you see everything you own and is always a great way of finding things you thought were lost, nope, just shoved in the back of your wardrobe. Once you’re able to find your feet and have enough room to create piles, start creating piles. What I’ve never worn in the past six months, clothes that are too damaged to donate and then a pile for all things that you love. Then I go onto my second filing system. Any type of heavy jumpers and jackets in one, light jumpers and jackets in another, skirts, jeans, tops, you get the picture.

Pack Away Winter

If you’ve got piles that come under the winter category (heavy jumpers and jackets, coats, scarfs, gloves, etc) then it’s time to pack them away. Whether you use boxes, baskets, vacuum bags or just store them away under your bed it’s best to clear them out of your wardrobe so it’s easier to see what you’ve got. Once it’s all packed away turn to your pile that you’ve never worn or not in the last six months. You’re never going to wear them so why not donate, sell or give to family members and friends? And of course, for the pile too damaged for any other pile, throw them out. It creates more room for new purchases.


Once I’ve spent hours going through the mountains of clothes I own, the seven pairs of jeans and hundreds of everything else that goes on top, I clean everything down and start to put things back. To make things easier and cut down the time of getting ready, I prefer keeping my clothes in sections. Light jumpers and jackets, vests, t-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts and playsuits.

Put Things On Display

You put your make-up on show so why not your accessories? It makes getting ready even quicker and displaying your best pieces and even your forgotten jewels gets more use out of them. Personally, I love jewellery, although most of the time you’ll see me without on a lazy day, but for the days that are exciting or important jewellery can transform your outfit in seconds.

Love my spring clean series so far? Next week we’re looking at my spring skincare routine.


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