Experimenting With Eyeshadow Palettes And Keeping It Simple For Spring

It’s usually this time of year I love to experiment with the heaps of eyeshadow palettes. If you know me, or have seen my Instagram feed then you’ll know I’m not a massive eyeshadow fan. Mostly because I’m completely rubbish and end up looking silly and of course for the other half, you guessed it, I’m lazy. But for someone who rarely breaks open the palettes and only have the one set of eyes, I have a lot of them, that funnily enough, all look very similar. For the days I’m looking extra tired, or have extra time, I like to stick to a simple shade, which works perfect for spring. Nothing complex, just nice and simple for someone that is lazy and not necessarily a pro.

The classic palette I just simply adore, whether I’m wanting to keep it natural looking or want to add a bit of oomph, is the MAC Dusky Rose Times Nine (£29), of dusky rose hues that can be combined to create a day or night look – perfect if you’re going from the office to an event. It’s glides on effortlessly with either a brush or finger and keeps its pigmentation all day. I find this is the perfect palette for my what seems to be my translucent skin. My favourite shade to wear daily is the pleasing to the eye (the middle shade on the second row) as it’s not too light nor too dark.

If the application of rose shades are a bit too plain for the weekend, experiment with L.A.Girl Eyelux Memerising in Harmonize (£6.99), an intensely pigmented palette that gives a mix of matte, satin and metal finishes. These shadows are beyond easy to apply and blend for more of an ombré look. The darker shade however has yet to be touched as I feel this would just be too dark for my skin tone. Usually I would use the lightest shade through the week and upgrade to the darker pink shade at the weekend.

One thing I will always make sure I do whether I’m wearing eyeshadow or not is to use concealer on my lids to get rid of any uneven, or in my case veiny, eyelids for a more natural look. If you want something that’s creamy I prefer the Revolution Conceal & Define (£4), an easy to blend concealer perfect for also defining those brows.


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