Spring Clean: New PM Skincare Routine

It’s early days, but it’s looks like we’re on our way to summer and my god am I excited. Less about the heat but more about the long bright days where the sense of time doesn’t bother me and instead of constantly checking the clock, I’m enjoying my life and doing the things I love.

Last week I posted about my new morning skincare routine, which was originally meant to include the evening one too, but because it was getting too long I decided to write a separate one. With a new season, some of your current products just needs to change. The idea of wanting to apply heavy creams, with one exception (more on that later), sticky cleansers and adding in more lightweight products is just a must. You may have already read about these products before on my blog, I’ll link those in, but I thought putting it all one one would be so much better.

Cleanse & Tone

When you’ve spent all day wearing SPF and make-up, you’re also going to have daily grime & dirt sitting on your face so when it comes to cleansing I like to double cleanse, but first, micellar water. At the moment I have two of these, one is the Botanics one, review here and the second one is the Aldi Lacura Micellar Water (£1.99), a cooling and alcohol free water that removes make-up. I prefer using this to make-up wipes as it doesn’t leave too much residue. For my first step of the double cleanse, I use one of my foaming facial washes. The current one is the Sanctuary Spa Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water (£3.99), the perfect on the go cleanser that helps break down make-up and SPF and preps your skin for the next step. Which then leads me to BeautyPie Double-Phase Daily Deep Rinse-Off Cleanser (Members £5.19), recently mentioned in my At Home Facial and is great for removing the remaining make-up whilst cleansing and hydrating the skin. I love using this because the orange smell is just amazing and it leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing! For my best cleansers check out my previous blog. For my toner, I use the same one as I do in the morning, mentioned in my AM routine, which is the Vichy Purete Thermale Lotion Tonique (£8), as it helps balance your complexion and tones. Now, toners are a weird thing aren’t they? Do you use one, what the hell is it and is it even going to benefit me? Well, yes you do need one, it’s still an important step in your routine and you know the difference between using one and not. It helps best for oily, combination, acne-prone or for clogged pores as it removes excess sebum morning and night.

Facial Oil

Depending on what my skin feels like, I will go straight to a facial oil. I find that wearing a moisturiser at night just leads to a very oily complexion in the morning and sometimes even a breakout. I do occasionally opt for a serum but only when my skin is more in the dry side. The whole idea of putting an oil on your face scares some people, especially if they have oily skin but seriously, it’s perfect. So if you have combination or oily skin, a facial oil is the perfect addition to your routine. Certain oils can actually help balance your skin’s oil production, get rid of excess oil on your face and minimize the appearance of pores. I have four oils that I like to use but my current favourite is the Avon Nutraeffects Miracle Glow (£10, recently had a new look), a lightweight oil that absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Eye cream

In the morning I love an eye cream that’s a bit heavier as I feel its protects my skin whilst nourishes it throughout the day but when it comes to the evening I prefer something a little lighter. I opt for Avon Anew Vitale Visible Perfection Eye Cream (£16), one that is said to be perfect for ages between 20-30. Now, before I carry on, I do not believe in the whole ‘this is what you should use for your age’ type of products because your skin does not know how old you are. I might be 26 but sometimes my skin can feel like it’s 80 so I pick products I think will benefit my skin, not my age. The reason I went for this was mainly the fact it claimed it would help with puffy and fatigue looking eyes. It’s gel cream formula works to calm down the skin and reveal brighter looking eyes, which for the first part works very well. It may not make my eyes look a thousand times better but it’s very good at keeping them moisturised.

Neck cream

Yes, you definitely read that as neck cream. Personally, I use my phone ALL THE TIME, it’s part of my job so naturally, I’m always looking down and the thought of my neck sagging as a result scares me. So, naturally, I went out looking for a cream (that one exception I was talking about) designed to help wrinkles and sagging skin purposely for my neck. I know, it sounds weird that I would own such a thing but when I wake up with beautifully soft skin, I have no reason to stop. The one I currently use is the L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle & Extra-firming Night Cream (£12.99), a very rich and creamy texture, with an overpowering scent of soap, that just instantly scream luxury when you apply it. It contains nanosomes of Pro-Retinol and Dermo-Elastyl for the strengthening of the skin’s support tissues – which sounds good doesn’t it? Now obviously I’m only 26 so whether this works or not in the sagging department, I don’t know but even if I came away from this with the super soft and creamy touch of my neck then I’m ok with that.

Do you have a neck cream? Please say I’m not the only weird one here.

Check out Thursday’s blog for my last in the spring clean series: yourself – all about taking care of yourself and reflecting.


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