Spring Clean: Yourself

Since my last spring clean post the weather has definitely improved, the feeling of summer holidays is a little bit closer and everyone’s mood, including my own, has become more relaxed. I’m no longer wearing my dressing gown to bed and keeping all the windows closed but instead changing into my lighter pjs and allowing the windows to be slightly ajar, instantly feeling awake in the mornings.

Now we all know we begin to spring clean our homes, cars, except from me I’m a bit of a scruff but hey not everything has to be clean, right? It’s also the time we reflect on our lives and the thing we miss is spring cleaning ourselves. If you read that as ‘facemask time’ then you are definitely correct! A little pamper, ok a lot is included ok? I like the sense of renewal where I like to scrub off winter and expose myself into the new found daylight with light breezes.

No.1 Clean House

If you’ve followed my previous posts then you’d know we’ve already decluttered our beauty products, changed our wardrobes and changed up our skincare routines and before we spring clean ourselves it’s time to do a little house cleaning. Go through one room at a time and declutter, clean and organise. We all feel a little bit better after getting rid of old things and giving ourselves a new slate to work with. Now, onto ourselves!

No.2 New Hair

So now it’s time to focus on ourselves and give our bodies a new makeover before the summer hits and we’re all busy hosting bbqs, drinking cocktails in the sun and having the best holidays. The first thing I like to do is change my hair to something a little lighter. This year I’ve gone for balayage which is something I only need to maintain twice a year and can keep throughout the winter. A few inches off, a couple shades lighter and you’ve completely transformed your face.

No.3 Exfoliate

Before getting back to blogging late December I have always been a shower kind of girl but since testing out new products and reading even more, if that’s even possible, I’ve become to love baths just that little bit more and see it as a treat on a Sunday. I don’t usually have the time for long soaks in the bath but when I do it involves candles, facemasks, hairmasks, bath oils and the perfect read and it’s also the perfect opportunity to exfoliate. I’m not the type of person that can have a bath and be on my way, I have to shower afterwards so it’s the perfect time to exfoliate or apply fake tan, leave it to do it’s thing and then hop in the shower to rinse it all off.

No.4 Nails

Whether you book yourself in for a mani/pedi or if you do it at home your nails need a freshen up from all the months of hiding, or cleaning. Pick your favourite colour and brighten up your nails, not only does it boost your mood but it just gives everyone the sense that you’ve got your life together – what can I say it’s a life hack. Here are a few of my favourites.

No.5 Check In

It may only be April but checking in with your New Years resolutions and seeing if you’re on track, or want to change tracks is in place. Personally, I’ve always wanted to improve on my fitness, despite always getting ill, so I wanted to see where I was at with my goals and even though I felt I was getting a little stronger and building muscle, I wanted something that would help me with my balance and core strength so I decided to start yoga. As I workout in the mornings I’ve started yoga in the evenings around an hour before bed to help me relax, free my mind and prepare me for sleep. Are you on track, or changed your resolutions?


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