The Facial Sprays To Get You Through Even The Hottest Days

Ok, so if you’ve survived the past two days without frizzy hair, greasy skin and a light stench of, well, yourself, then you have definitely won the first round of heatwave of the year. If you’re like me and you need all the help you can get to keep your skin looking supple, hydrated and glow rather than sweaty then I’ve got the product, or products for you.

Usually the hot weather doesn’t sit well with me, just imagine me sprawled out on the bed, little clothing on, hair scraped back with the window slightly ajar and going in and out of sleep. It’s a hard job trying to beat off the heat but when I do go out I like to make sure I’m fully prepared and armed with the best products and I have to say my go to products are facial mists. Even in summer sometimes my skin just needs that little bit more hydration and instead of slapping on your best moisturiser, a mist is great for on-the-go hydration, pick-me-up and just an all rounder instant treatment for your skin.

A classic mist that will always bring me back from the brink of dehydration is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist (£18, 50ml), the light floral mist not only gives your skin a boost of hydration but also your senses a calming and relaxing awakening. I know that my skin is going to have a good day if I’ve remembered to pack this as it helps balance, soothe and refresh the skin – and gives you an extra scent instead of the essence of sweat.

I will always pick this spray when my skin is at its most dehydrated and I’m heading out for the day as I know it will give me an instant hit of moisture and I like to focus on my nose and forehead when they’re looking flakey, yet tight!

Whether you have make-up on or not the Studio 10 Makeup Mist Glow-Plexion (price not yet confirmed), which is due to release, or re-release in September 2018, is the perfect mix between a fixing spray, a quick fix spray and best of yet, an instant transformation spray. Ok, so bare with me. Do you ever look at your skin on a really hot day and think that you’re skin is dry, yet greasy, red raw and just plain boring? This spray fixes all of that and more! What I love about this product is the ingredients. It contains Pomegranate, rich in Vitamin C which we all know is a wonderful ingredient that helps to hydrate, nourish and firm the skin.

I use this spray when my skin is just screaming out for hydration and my skin is looking a bit on the dry side.

With my new sleeping schedule, check out my recent blog on getting up at 5.30am in the weekday, some of the time I can look tired. And when I say tired I mean really tired. The kind where no amount of make-up is going to reduce those bags so you look like a normal functioning human being, you know the kind. But with my current and first facial mist I included into my evening skincare routine, I feel like it works with my skin through the night to help revitalise, especially the eye area! Of course, if you’ve seen my Instagram (and if you haven’t then you’re seriously missing out), then you’d know I’m talking about the Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Spray (£16, 100ml), a fine mist that is said to mimic your skin’s hydration and give your skin that boost you’ve been looking for.

I prefer to use this spray when I’m extra tired and need to give my skin a kick up the butt and get it’s act together.


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