Recent Beauty Favourites

As much as I love trying out different beauty products, there are a few that remain to be my everyday staples within my routine. It’s still early days, but I think I’ve found a few perfect products for any occasion – especially if you prefer to wear only a handful of make-up.

First, Figs & Rouge Hydra-Pore Soft Focus PORE PERFECT HD + MATTE VEIL (£35, 30ml), a mixture between a serum and a primer for any skin, especially for combination/oily skin, that diminishes shine and delivers a soft focus effect (I mean photoshop in a tube right?) as well as helping to fade imperfections, definitely the eye area and give you more of a balanced complexion. It’s weightless, matte serum like texture glides on smoothly on its own or alternatively, mix with your current foundation to give the finish more of a dewy touch. For days I feel like wearing nothing, the serum is applied all over, on bare skin and left alone to let it speak for itself and the magic it does to my skin – #noactualfilter.

Also taking to my liking is the BeautyPie Incrediblur Instant Retouching Foundation (£3.81 for members, 20ml). It’s water-weight texture, much like the brands other foundations, are slide-on, blendable and also easy to build upon. Perfect for dry skin, also my combination qualities, it’s packed with spherical pigments that works to cover uneven skin tone and blur any lines or blotchiness, great if your acne takes a turn for the worst. If you’re not careful you can lose most of the product due to its water like liquid but when applied with a foundation brush or sponge my god does it give you the best looking version of your skin. Acne, gone, red bumps, gone, tired eyes, gone, dull skin, gone, I could literally carry on with what wonders this foundation delivers and at just four pounds how could I resist?

My last current favourite, which as many of you would know, is very new but it’s made such a lasting impression that I use it every. single. day! It is of course the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper (£6.99, 7ml), enriched with fibres, it works by plumping your natural brow, or in my case plump your microbladed brow to give them more volume. This small wand gives such a precise, tinted, tamed finish that it is perfect for all the women who have every single type of brow. It’s the product I never knew I would need after getting them microbladed but it adds so much depth and volume that I just have to use it in my daily make-up routine.


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