Classic Glam: A Face Full Of Make-Up & A Bold Red Lip

As we all know I love my basic neutrals on a day to day basis, but once the weekend rolls around and I’m heading out for the night, a classic winged eyeliner and a bold red lip, or simply a darker shade is on the agenda! Although the liner can take a few attempts and the bold lip is hard to task with such small lips, once applied it all seems to pull together into one great look that can be used for any special occasion or for when you just want something different. For this particular look I used 14 products in total, which if you ask me is totally ridiculous but primers and fixing sprays don’t really count, do they?

Stage 1: The Base

If you don’t know already, my favourite make-up to use is a foundation. You can use them alone, with a bit of eye make-up or my personal favourite, I like to apply more than one foundation when I’m building a good base. Mentioned in last weeks post, first I put on Figs & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect which I use as a serum but acts like a primer before your primer. Read the full review here. I apply all over my face and down to my neck to ensure even coverage. Then I apply my actual primer, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (£19, 30ml. Pictured: 15ml), a lightweight gel that evens out the face and giving it a touch of glow and sparkle. I love how it allows my foundation to glide on easily and makes my face look the same tone and texture throughout. Again I use my hands to apply all over my face and down to my neck. For my last primer (this ones for the lips), I like to use Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Lip Treatment (currently £12, 2X 5ml), a two step treatment to help plump and smooth lips before applying your lip product. The collagen boosting duo is great for hydrating the lips making sure any appearance of cracked lips stay at bay – the last thing you want with a bold lip is dead, dry skin. Using my fingers I apply the plump on my lips and the smooth around my lips (so it’s on your skin).

Now, onto the good stuff! Used as my first light layer of foundation I usually pick Mac Next To Nothing Foundation, full review here, as it’s great as a base and allows you to use other products to help build your desired coverage without ending up looking like a greasy orange mess. With this I blend with a sponge, as again the sponge allows you to apply any foundation and give you a light coverage ready to build upon. Then before I go in for my next foundation I like to use my concealer to cover up any pigmentation or blemishes that are obviously trying their best to keep themselves known. Recently I purchased the L’Oréal Infaillible 24H Concealer Pomade (£6.99), a creamy and highly pigmented concealer that actually covers everything I need it to and more! Through the week I tend to use this then go straight in for powder. I only use a little as by this point my scars are already covered and you don’t really need a lot. My next step I use two different shades of the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation (£5 each), in F1 and F13 as another way to contour. First I use the lighter shade, F1, to add in anymore coverage then I move onto the darker shade, F13, to add a bit of depth around my cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose.

As my last step for the base, it gets easier from here I promise, unless you’re like me and you’re still trying to master the art of a winged eyeliner, I like to use Affect Transparent Loose Rice Powder With Matt-Effect (which I recently received from Glossybox), to set everything in place. I usually only apply this with a small blusher brush under my eyes and on my t-zone as this tends to get a little oiler throughout the night.

Stage 2: The Eyes & Brows

Usually I like to keep it simple in this area as my microbladed brows frame my face nicely but on nights out or when I have time I like to add a touch of maintenance and a winged liner. If I haven’t tinted my brows in a while I would usually apply a type of gel or powder to help but I’ve recently expressed my love for the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper, it’s like a product I never knew I needed and my god is it good. It’s like a hairspray but for your brows – read my review here, so now I use this all the time. I simply brush my brows and I’m done. Another recent product I’ve just fallen in love with is the L’Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara (£11.99), which takes your lashes to a whole new level of volume and length! Because this is so good I use this through the week and on a night out and is a good stand in for false lashes. Just a few coats and you won’t even be able to tell the difference between this and your falsies – the only downside is that the mascara does clump, a lot! Now onto the tricky bit, for me anyway, the liner. I don’t like using a liquid eyeliner simply because it makes my eyes look a thousand times smaller than they already are and I just end up going without because it gets everywhere. For those who want to rock an eyeliner but not very skilled then you’ve come to the right place because neither can I, yet! I love using No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil (£7.50), as it’s the perfect blend of eye liner that glides on effortlessly giving me more control and a slightly darker, more vivid line. I like to start from the middle going outwards then once I’m happy I do the inner corners, but not too close!

Stage 3: The Lips & Set

Last but not least and the most important steps of them all is the lips and set. For the lips I’ve previously expressed my hate for my small lips but a girls gotta work with what she has so picking a lipstick can be hard but everyone’s got to have a red right? For my full review of the No7 Moisture Drench in Pillarbox red click here – it finishes off any look beautifully and instantly gives you more confidence. Yes, you can rock that bold red lip! With the lip I like to start slow so I lightly outline my lips then fill them in. To set everything in place and give my face a dewy finish, especially if I haven’t chosen a highlighter, I like using the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray, full review here, as it gives you a 16HR wear and hydrates the skin throughout the night. I usually spray this 2-3 times across the whole of my face and down to my neck.


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