The Best Hydrating Skincare For Any Type Of Flight

What a weekend! Friday night drinks, watching the Royal Wedding (that second dress though) whilst hungover and a relaxing Sunday of shopping, walking and getting sunburnt in the garden. It’s times like these I can’t wait to go on my holidays, just over two months to go and it’s around the time I start to think about the products I bring with me, especially on the plane. My flight is only two hours or so so I’ve not got an in depth routine but enough to keep my skin hydrated.

The good news is that I’ll be spending a week in Austria and the bad news is that I have to go through the pressure, different air and lack of oxygen on the plane and that’s just the start of it so to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out and shrivel up like a prune I take some products on the plane to apply to keep my skin hydrated, plump and smooth. You don’t need expensive creams or complicated routines so it’s easy to protect your skin and prevent any damage.

To regularly keep my skin cool and hydrated and to refresh my complexion, I would definitely choose the Age Defence Liquid Lotion Green Tea (TKmaxx find) a lightweight, non-greasy Spray that instantly awakens the skin and after an hour or two of dry air your skin will be drinking this up! It contains hyaluronic acid which locks in moisture, keeping it plump for the whole of your flight. Of course I would decant this as it’s over 100ml.

Skin still in need of hydration? Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quencing Serum (£29, 30ml), another lightweight and oil-free serum to help restore the skins moisture and leave you all smooth and revitalised. On my super dry days I use this under my moisturiser and especially at night on my holidays just to put my skin right after it’s been in the sun all day. For my booster and probably my light moisturiser, the Simple Hydrating Booster (£3.49, 25ml), seems to work in conjunction with the serum as like a double dose of the good stuff to keep my skin looking fresh. If I’ve finished my routine and I still feel like my skin needs a little…something then I reapply.

Usually I wouldn’t even consider an oil on a flight as it’s too fussy but this is a must have! The Ooh Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil (£9.50, 15ml), is obviously made to retain moisture which is always a bonus when you’re on a long flight. I like to apply this to my fingertips and lightly dab around my face and use the rest to massage into my neck. I wouldn’t use this on holiday unless it’s been a chilly day because the last thing you want to apply on your sticky sunburnt skin is an oil but I do use it on the way back too.

Now, the important stuff – eyes and lips. To add an extra barrier to my skin from all the horrible dangers from a flight I would use the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm (£45, 15ml), a matte gel like eye cream that creates a barrier around your eyes. This also acts as an amazing primer for concealer as it avoids that caked look. I purchased mine as part of the skincare kits so if you want to give it a try try one of those – great for a holiday pack! For my lips I’ve gone for an intense moisturising lip balm, the P.S Overnight Lip Treatment (around £2, Primark). The Vaseline like texture smooths on keeping your lips hydrated throughout the whole night, which is perfect for any type of flight. When I get dry skin the first thing that gives it away is my dry lips so an intense lip balm is definitely a yes.


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