The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Skincare

I have been a fan of skincare for around a decade and my mission to influence others into the game changing world of great skin will definitely continue. I believe good skincare gives you good skin, even if you do get acne and blemishes (that’s normal) but as we all know, or you will after reading this blog, I’m very lazy and even though I’ve invested into my beauty products and I have my skincare routines all in place, time to time I take the lazy route. My usual routines consist of cleansers, two at night, toner, treatment of some kind, usually for blemishes, serum, sometimes two, moisturiser, eye cream and facial oils – sometimes not all at the same time and sometimes all at the same time – but on the lazy days it only consists of three products, I know, so little.

The following beauty products are definitely are a great addition to any skincare routine and as stand alone products, they do the job, but we all have our lazy days and sometimes the thought of using several products when you only need a few can be just too much. I also find I use these products when I’ve not worn any make-up or start after a workout. They can be very beneficial as I feel as though it’s just…enough and it allows me to get into bed a lot quicker, or start my day. Win win right?

So we’re all guilty of using baby wipes or make-up removers when we’re too tired or simply because it looks like they do the job but to try and give people an alternative, one that is ten times better, the beauty world have invented micellar water – yes! Whoever thought it would be a good idea to create this amazing skincare product that could potentially do more than one thing then you my friend are a legend because, because of you, I can still be lazy and act cool about it. My current favourite, Botanics All Bright Micellar 3-In-1 (£5.49, 250ml), IS A 3-IN-1 FOR STARTERS! It helps remove make-up, even that red lip, brightens your complexion and moisturises your skin – it’s like a cleanse, tone and moisturise in one – definitely saves time, hello comfy bed!

Now we’ve all seen the Nip & Fab Glycolic Acid Cleansing Pads and we all know Aldi likes a dupe, at a very cheap price, so I decided to give their Lacura Daily Cleansing Pads with Glycolic Acid, (£2.49 ), a try. The slightly damp pad from the acid glides on just like a cotton pad and is easy to swipe across your face without faffing about. After a couple of uses, I’ve literally still got a whole tub left, I’ve noticed my skin become a lot more smooth and my complexion a little clear. As a bonus Glycolic Acid works by brightening up your skin and keeping it looking fresh and you know you’re getting a good dose because it’s the second ingredient mentioned (all ingredients are in order of percentage). This is something I’d take on holidays, nights away, lazy days and an all-round exfoliating product. Just remember to apply SPF at the end of your skincare routine.

It acts like a serum, looks like an oil and feels like a moisturiser, the Valjean Labs Restore Facial Serum (£6.99, TKmaxx), available in-store, is a cooling liquid that feels as light as water, no oily feel and is soaked up by my skin practically everyday! With the added zinc it also helps to calm any redness, so whether it’s my acne flaring up or just after a workout, this serum helps to relax my complexion and brighten it up. Usually I never need anything else when I’m using this as it’s got everything and is so quick and easy to apply you still have time to enjoy your evening, or not rush out of the door because you spent 10 minutes on your skincare.

What’s your favourite lazy skincare products?


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