SPFs That Sit Well Under Make-Up (And Doesn’t Slide Off At 11am!)

SPFs can be very hard to find especially ones that last as long as you do and under your make-up. Sunscreens that can sit perfectly under make-up, be sweat-proof, ones that don’t turn your complexion greasy, or make you break out and most importantly, the tinted ones you can wear on its own because you’re just not committed enough to go full face are the real winners. So, how do you pick an SPF that’s going to last all summer long?

For me, SPFs are so important whether the weathers a hot boiling day or a cloudy one, sunscreen should be worn at all times! My rule is to wear SPF30 on the cloudy days, sometimes the windy and slightly raining days (because you never know where the suns lurking) and an SPF50 through the summer hot days. When it came to picking my sunscreen I just couldn’t stick with one – mainly because I’m a beauty hoarder and I have problems but also because you never know what the weathers going to be like or what your skin’s going to be like.

Over the past few days my skin has broke out so badly I feel like I’m going backwards. It’s mainly due to breaking through on my pill and it not settling well, but also being a bit stressed at work so for the really bad days I will reach for my forever trusted brand Paula’s Choice Ultra-Light Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 30+ (£10, 15ml), with what seems to be a very light liquid that glides easily on the skin. The moisturiser, perfect for combination to oily skin (which is literally my skin all summer!), not only supplies you with the important SPF but it also helps maintain clear skin, leaving my blemishes to do their thing without being irritated by a moisturiser. I’ve found that with this being so light and something that absorbs quickly into my skin it’s not interrupting my make-up, sliding off my face by 11am and I still feel like my skin is hydrated underneath all my cosmetics.

Murad Essential Day Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (£60, 50ml), is one of those moisturisers you so desperately grab when your skin is in a bit of a dry S.O.S and you need all the help you can get. The creamy texture sinks into my complexion and gives it all the antioxidants and active ingredients it needs to stay hydrated, fresh and protected. Recently spending the weekend in London I made sure I packed my travel sized moisturiser to keep me protected and to avoid any type of environmental damage to my skin. This moisturiser doesn’t feel any different to my others and it doesn’t seem to have an impact on my make-up.

I really wanted to test out a tinted fluid because not only did I want to find something with a higher SPF but I also wanted a base product for my skin. The La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Sun Cream Fluid 50+ (£12.37, 50ml), has been what seems like a very welcoming light at the end of the tunnel. Ok, stay with me, but have you ever searched for a product that never really seems to fit your skin the way you want it to but then you find it. You find that one product that seems to have answered all your skin concerns, skin type and more and you just get that feeling of relaxation. The feeling of satisfaction that you’ve finally found something you’ve been searching for. Well, that’s the exact feeling I felt when I first tried this amazing tinted SPF. It protects my face, it gives my skin the perfect base in which to build on with concealer or foundation and it LASTS ALL DAY! There’s no make-up sliding off your face, there’s no horrible patchy skin and there’s definitely no sunscreen smell – which is always a bonus.


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