The Best Beauty Products For Your Handbag

Whether you’re going on a day out or if you’re just going to the office, the beauty essentials you keep in your bag can be very important, if you want to maintain that 7am make-up look without so much of a wear and tear feel. Personally, I feel like I spend my life in an office, so being surrounded by aircon, stuffy desk spaces stacked with endless amounts of paper (just me?) and ??? So what do I carry round with me at all times to make sure my make-up stays in place and freshen up on the go?

The total must-have for all handbags that will help freshen up your skin and bring it back to life is a facial mist. Recently discussing my current favourites for my skincare routine, I wanted to include one that was suitable for leaving in my bag and not to worry when it becomes a bit, worn. The Merci Handy Refreshing Face Mist Hello Sunshine (£4.50, 30ml) is the perfect all-rounder Facial mists. Whether you’ve just finished in the gym, been sat in an office all day or even just being outside, a quick spray of this instantly makes you feel human again. The fine mist, with a slight fruity smell, helps awaken the skin (and yourself) and giving your skin a hydration boost – perfect for when it hits that 3pm mark and all you want to do is sleep and your skin is giving it away!

During the summer my combination skin becomes so oily in places that I feel as if I need to freshen up more often than usual. Another great way I like to keep my skin looking fresh and slightly more alive, is using a powder. It rids of any shiny patches, balances out your complexion and it gives you more coverage – or replace the coverage that’s slipped off your face by lunchtime. My current handbag favourite is the BeautyPie Setting Powder The Velvetizer (£4.15, for members), it’s a simple compact and it comes with a mirror too! It gives the skin a light coverage which is great for touch ups and unlike many I’ve tried, it’s not messy either so you can apply on-the-go. I would say, to make the coverage last a little longer, use your facial mist after applying or use a setting spray.

The last and the most important beauty product that I will always carry in my bag, other than lip balm, is a lipstick. You never know where the day is going to take you or if you’ve planned some after work drinks and personally I’d like to look slightly different and a lipstick has the power to change up your entire look. Usually I’ll only ever wear a bold lip when it’s one of those proper nights out and you’ve actually put a dress or a skirt on but for casual drinks and get togethers I will always reach for my trusted Nars in Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick (£22). I’ve talked about this particular one in so many blog posts, because it deserves the limelight, but I will keep saying how moisturising, hydrated and beautifully enhanced it makes my own small lips look.


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