Keeping Your Microbladed Eyebrows In Top Shape

Eyebrows are the secret weapons that help frame your face, make your eyes stand out and overall changes the way you look and Instagram is definitely a place to get lost when it comes to perfectly groomed brows. Last year whilst the microbladed eyebrows were in full on craze mode, I joined the hype and got them done. After a few painful sessions of microblading and even nano needling, my eyebrows are now at the state where I can happily go the day without make-up and I still look a little groomed, half dead looking, but still groomed. A year on since my first session and the biggest tip I would give, whether you have microbladed eyebrows or not, is to get them tinted. It makes the whole lot of difference and it can even be the answer you’ve been looking for, without going through the process of blading. Pair that with waxing, threading or some sort of shaping technique and your brows are going to completely transform.

Usually my eyebrows need tinting every two weeks or so but at times like these (long story short, being stranded in France because you’re flights been cancelled and you’ve had to wait 32 before your replacement – only for that to be cancelled and end up paying for a completely different flight) I don’t have my tinting kit with me so the next best thing is make-up. Microbladed eyebrows usually last between 12-18 months depending on your skin type, Sun exposure or any other situation that contributes to fading the ink so a top up may be on the cards. But for now, eyebrow pencils, gels and even markers are on the agenda and let me tell you there are some amazing contenders out there!

Keeping your brows in top shape simply cannot be done using just one product so the Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit 2 For Ultra Precision (Kiss also stocked in certain Asda, Superdrug, Boots and Tesco), is perfect for creating multiple looks. The kit comes with a brow pencil for fine strokes, a brow marker (like a felt tip pen) for harder strokes and a brow highlighter to make them stand out a bit more. The easy applications mean you can maintain and groom your brows on-the-go – or like me – at the airport waiting to check in. These trio products are new for me, I never would of picked up a marker, but the staying power on these are incredible! They’re waterproof and are even hard to budge when washing off.

Recently discovering the L’Oreal Artist Brow Plumper, recent review here, this is great at grooming your brows. For anyone that has their eyebrows Microbladed or even nano needled – have you found your brow hairs growing a bit, wild? I feel like they’ve been growing all over the place so to keep them tame I use a brow gel, or go completely natural and rock the ‘my eyebrows have just got out of bed’ look. For other alternatives to a brow pencil, I’m loving the Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil (currently £4.10) as it comes with a fine pencil and also a comb.


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