Skincare: How Long Do I Have To Wait To Start Seeing Results?

One of the greatest things I have ever been introduced to in this world is skincare. Years and years of watching endless amounts of YouTube videos and getting a career within beauty has fed my skincare addiction with myself forever buying into a new dream. A new dream that a certain serum will help my pigmentation or a new moisturiser that will help balance out my combination skin but with hundreds of new launches every year and not knowing which new dream to buy into, how long does it actually take for skincare to work?

The short answer, is that some products will be instant, some will take days and some may even take months. It all depends on what skin problem you’re addressing and exactly what product you’re using. For example, a blemish that comes out of nowhere can be treated with spot treatments whether it’s a gel, cream or spot stickers and could take a couple days. But, if you’re looking for something for pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, etc and is using a product containing the good stuff, vitamin C, retinol, AHAs or BHAs then you’re in it for the long haul. These type of worries are definitely not treated overnight.


Usually, when you’re looking at skincare, it’s the products that only hits the top layer of the skin that gives you the most instant results or the products that claim to give you instant results. A product that can give you results within the first use is your moisturiser, especially if they contain hyaluronic acid. They’re formulated by only working the top layer of your skin whether it’s to plump, hydrate or smooth – it’s not going anywhere below the top layer – so they really don’t need a long time to show you what they’re worth.

Facemasks. Even though they are my favourite skincare product, it’s all just a superficial fix. Brightening, hydrating, toning, lifting or even clearing is just a temporary fix, great if you’ve got an event or a last minute outing. Having masks for each situation ensures your skin to be in top shape for the day, just don’t rely on it to completely change your skin worries for a more permanent solution.


Cleansers spend approximately 30-60 on the skin so not only can you get away with using any cleanser you want, whether it’s a cheap option or one that breaks the bank, it’s one you can play around with within your routines. Of course some days your skin is too dry and others it may seem a little greasy so changing up your cleanser to suit your needs, can give your skin an immediate result but for specific cleansers such as acne-fighting, this will need to completely change your skin’s pH balance, taking up to a couple of weeks for your skin to get used to it. So, if you’re lucky enough to not have a skin worry, play around but if you’re wanting to fight acne then I suggest using the same cleanser and sticking to it for a couple weeks.

Serums. Where the hell do these stand and do we need to invest in using the same one everyday? Honestly, they can play a very important part in your routine and again, depending on what you’re using it for, it can take weeks to start seeing results. Now, if it claims to hydrate the skin then this moves into the days category but if it’s claiming to help with pigmentation, or include ingredients such as vitamin C and salicylic acid (same goes for your toner), then this is going to take weeks. This is due to the concentration of the certain ingredient in the products. Usually, they are no where near the top of the list and if they are, the percentage is pretty low.


Think of it this way, if you want your skincare to change your complexion on a cellular level then it can take a very long time. You’re re-training your skin so expecting results quick is just a no-go. These are the type of products I hate because I am not a patient person but even though I can’t see results, I know they’re still working beneath the skin’s surface. Acne scars, pigmentation, sun spots, etc are all worries, especially my own, that really do need a long time to get to work and even then it may only be small. Being a skincare addict and wanting to buy into multiple dreams does have a side effect of not spending enough time with one particular product – which I recently addressed – but stick with it because it will play out in the long run and you’ll actually start seeing results. Give yourself three months and see what happens.


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