The Best Summer Additions

Ok, I’ve called it! I’ve fallen in love with a few products in the most shortest of time and I’m already calling them the best summer additions. Some are new and some are just classics that have finally caught my attention. The first is Kiel’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado (£26, 14ml), which I’ve vowed myself to never be without again. For a while I’ve just come to the conclusion, like others, that if your moisturiser is good enough then it can be good enough for your eyes too and even though that can still be true, oh how it wasn’t for me. I also thought that if I did have an eye cream just any would do, especially as they all claim to do the same job of getting rid of those dark circles and puffy eyes. Then I tried this avocado infused eye cream – not because I was enticed by the ingredients but because it’s received so many amazing reviews that I just had to buy it.

Let’s just say, the thick and slightly sticky cream reduced the puffiness and completely removed my dark circles in days. DAYS! Apply a small amount morning or evening or apply a bit extra to turn it into a bit of an eye mask for extra nourishing. I find myself applying a lot less concealer and my face looks a lot more awake. This was (and still is) an incredible find.

Dior, which many of us, myself included, could hardly afford to even feel and look a little bit glamorous has literally blown everyone away with their new backstage range. Influenced by the real make-up artists that work backstage, one of their products is the face & body foundation (£29, 50ml), my personal shade 0CR, has not only surprised me but it has also impressed me. I’m surprised that I’ve finally found a foundation that actually matches my pale skin, rocking the cool shades and really impressed by the fact that it also covers my red blemishes. Ok, so usually when I wear a foundation my bigger spots or pigmentation finds its way through and no amount of green concealer works but this, this foundation has magically been able to cover it. Another bonus, this foundation is buildable so whether your wanting light coverage for the hot and humid days or full on coverage for those chilly, or your face has decided to hate you days, then this is perfect for you and every occasion. Personally, I’ve never put a foundation on my body and never really had a reason to but if this works as well as what it does for your complexion then I think I’d be persuaded to just bathe in it.

Finally, Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Concentrate (£52, 30ml), has done all sorts of good. For the times my skin feels tight, sore and just extra dry this has been my saviour along with the cream-gel moisturiser. The lightweight serum perfectly glides on well and instantly cools the skin. I usually reach for this once I’ve gotten out of the shower and my skin is crying out for moisture. It’s one of those I use on my in between days. The days I’m not using a certain acid or active ingredient, mainly because there are some ingredients you should never use together and also because I don’t want to over complicate things for my skin.


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