Skin Problems: What Is Collagen And Did Supplements Help My Acne?

There are, what seems like, hundreds of treatments for acne and when it comes to choosing different ones, it can be very confusing. Last week I told you about my own acne journey and pinpointing where it all started and what treatments I’ve already tried. I was going to give you a review of the collagen supplements, laser treatment and facial peels but because this blog was getting too long, I’ve decided to split it up.

When my skin first started to get blemishes and pigmentation, I remember trying a lot of acne treatments whether it was a spot gel, a prescribed ointment or a different cleanser and yet nothing worked. Getting a bit older and taking it upon myself to learn about ingredients and other products to see what they can do for your skin, I wanted to put my knowledge and suitable products to the test. We’ve all heard about collagen supplements and how it’s claimed to be the miracle product for ageing but researching into it, it’s actually good for a lot of things, including acne scarring.

I’m sure you’ve read bits and bobs about what it is and what it does from various sources but if you haven’t, here it is in a nutshell. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies that have important roles to play, including providing structure to your skin. It’s also major building blocks for your bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments and can even be found in your teeth! There are 16 different types of collagen but the main one to help with your skin is Type 1 as it accounts for 90% of your bodies collagen.

As we age, our bodies produce less and when we take any stresses into account (environmental, smoking, drinking, etc) it can lower at a faster pace than others. There are many nutrients that increase collagen, such as vitamin C, proline, glycine, copper and high-quality protein, as this feeds your body the amino acids it needs. Now, there are thousands of collagen supplements, some containing other beneficial ingredients for the skin and some just being plain collagen, that can come as a powder, a capsule or even a shot drink but as a liquid is said to absorb quickly than the rest, I opted for collagen shots. I do have to say that there is currently a divide on collagen supplements and if they really work. It is true that once you take the supplements, you have no idea what it’s helping as mentioned above, it can help with a lot of things but even if it did something I’d take that as a good thing – I’m desperate here!

The ones I put to the test were proto-col collagen shots (£34.95 for 10 days supply), as not only did it contain Type 1 collagen but they also contained vitamin B6, C and E, biotin, zinc and copper which all contribute to healthy hair, skin and nails.

Left: before supplements and right: after supplements

I went for 30 days just to give my skin the best chance. The first few shots were horrible, the taste was really sweet but after a while, you get used to it and it turned into my usual nighttime routine. I didn’t really see much notice to my skin after the first box (10 days) but I did notice I had more energy, especially when I took them in the mornings and it really helped boost my day without becoming fatigued too quickly. Day twelve was when I started to see a difference more clearly. My spots were calming down, my skin seemed more hydrated and plump, my acne scars were a bit lighter but the biggest results were my nails – they were so long! Finishing the course I was really happy with my results and knew it was a great start to healthier skin with a bit of a bonus for my nails and hair. Personally, I would definitely give another 30-day course a go to keep my skin in check but what I really wanted was to sort out my pigmentation, so then I started my laser treatments.

Left: before supplements and right: after supplements

Check back next Monday for my review on laser treatment and facial peels and if it really helped my pigmentation.


2 thoughts on “Skin Problems: What Is Collagen And Did Supplements Help My Acne?

  1. Thank you!! I wanted to do a personal journey piece to try and show real results rather than the usual debate you get around collagen haha.

    Yes! It’s out on Monday all about laser and facial peels – one was actually better than the other.

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