Luxury Beauty Products That Make My Showers More Than Just Ordinary

Although I think of a hot soak in the bath as a time to treat myself to luxury products, I just can’t imagine anything worse than surrounding myself into hot water through a heatwave like this! Ok, heatwave might be slightly over exaggerating but can we all agree that the humidity has just been the worst? Anyways, the idea of delving into a good book, having a quick catch up on YouTube all whilst sipping on a cuppa and eating a bit of chocolate sounds like perfection, but on workdays, a few luxury products that make my showers more than just ordinary is the next best thing. At the moment my beauty shelves are just packed with creams, scrubs and hair products that all help to get me from ‘I’ve just woken up’ to ‘I woke up like this’ and these following products add more than just the jobs worth, they add luxury.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (£11.50, 50ml)

Although I have my usual skincare routines that have the perfect cocktail of ingredients that almost compliment each other, I do tend to switch and use this one when I want a bit of spa like luxury. Why? Because the fresh and tantalising smell of cucumber that seems to awaken my skin and leave it feeling smooth and hydrated all the way through my shower is everything I wanted and more. The gel formula effortlessly helps to remove residue I’ve contained overnight, a lot during this heat and balance out my skin’s natural pH. The products star ingredient, soybean, is a natural antioxidant that helps restore, soothe and improve the look of uneven skin tone and signs of ageing. It’s great to use in the evening for a skin pick me up too.

Proto-col instant body bliss (£19.95, 250g)

One of those all-time favourites and talked about before products, I keep going back to the same body scrub that I just can’t get enough of. The invigorating scent and fine grain of the Dead Sea salts provides a luxurious and real spa pamper moment that helps to buff away dead skin cells, awaken the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth – that lasts days! It seems like a pricey purchase but the high-quality ingredients such as passionflower, apricot and lemongrass essential oils, this is definitely one of those worth it moments. If I reach for this scrub, I don’t need to use a shower gel or a body oil!

St.Ives Nourish & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub & Mask (Now £3.75, 150ml)

Stay with me…the first and what I thought was to be the last time I used a St.Ives scrub, it literally left my skin red raw and sore due to the harsh beads used in the formula but fast forward 11 years and here we are giving it another try and let me tell you I was not disappointed! What used to be the abrasive beads have now been completely removed and replaced with walnut powder, a natural exfoliant and it’s now a 2-in-1 product. It’s such a bargain even at full price and can be used as a mask and as a scrub with beneficial ingredients such as Avena Sativa Straw Extract (oat straw) and walnut shell powder, used to help nourish the skin and give our complexions a healthy and radiant glow.

Dove Argan Oil Shower Mousse (£2, 200ml)

Ive treated myself to shower mousses before, usually when they’re on offer, as I love the light foamy texture, the light scent, argan oil present in this one and the feeling of pure luxury being massaged into my skin and Dove exceeds all expectations. Blended with argan oil, this lightweight mousse is perfect for hydrating the skin and as a bonus, it works as a shaving foam too. Sometimes I catch myself turning the shower away from me just so I can massage the mousse into my skin just a little bit longer.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition f.a.b (£11.99)

Talking about shaving, I have come across the most amazing/barbaric razor that I’ve ever seen, which is why it’s made it’s way to my not so ordinary shower list. Shaving is something I never think twice about, I get in the shower, I do my usual and then I shave, done. Using this razor has bought back the luxury of spending time shaving and even saves time due to having multiple blades but that’s not all. There are two sets of blades, one at the top and one at the bottom – but going in different directions! This means, when your shaving you can glide up and down without having to move the handle. At first, it felt strange. Very strange. But as I went on it felt more natural and not once did I feel it. Bonus if you ask me.


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