Skin Problems: Did Laser Treatments & Facial Peels Get Rid Of My Pigmentation?

Left: after collagen shots. Right, two weeks after I started the pill

If you’ve been following my series of skin problems then you’ll know a little bit about my acne journey, how collagen shots helped clear up the majority of the mess and how none of it mattered because the day I started a new pill, it took my skin straight back to a pretty bad state. If you haven’t, here’s my overall acne journey, here’s my thoughts and review on collagen supplements, todays blog I’m going to talk about laser and facial peels, which I went through before the change of the pill and then next Monday, I’ll discuss a few skincare products that’s done all the world of good.

After taking the collagen supplements I was really happy with the state of my skin and how well it responded but I still had the problem of pigmentation. I didn’t know how to get rid of it and there was so many treatments you could try that I wanted to choose something, intense. I didn’t want to waste money on skincare products that didn’t work so I thought a mixture of laser and facial peels would benefit my skin a lot better on a cellular level rather than just touching the surface.

Halfway through my laser and facial peel treatments

Now, I’m not sure how long these treatments are meant to last or whether three laser treatments and two facial peels were really going to work but I was confident that it was. The day of my consultation I decided to go ahead and have my first facial peel, because why waste time? The treatment only lasted around 15 minutes which consisted of putting some type of cold gel, the peel, on my face for 3-4 minutes. This was soon removed and replaced with soaked cotton pads with a fan blowing into my face to help cool my complexion down. After 10 minutes, the treatment was finished. The week after I had my first laser session.

So how does laser really work? A concentrated light source shines on the skin, removing either a small part of the outer skin (epidermis) or the entire epidermis in a larger area. The skin is basically burned away and immediately starts to repair itself. From a consumer point of view, the concentrated light source happens in pulses and I’m not going to lie, it bloody hurts! There are areas it feels bearable, then there’s the skin above your lips and around your nose that are the most sensitive. All in all, another type of gel was smothered around my face, the lady went round with the laser twice, then it was over. The gel got removed and that was it. The treatment lasted 10 minutes.

After the laser and facial peels – just before the pill change

Halfway through my treatments I noticed a really big difference in my skin. It was brighter, smooth and it seemed as if my pigmentation got a shade lighter. Looking back I really wish I did six sessions of laser and hopefully I’ll have another chance to in the future but for now, after all sessions of laser and facial peels, some of my acne scars have disappeared and my pigmentation remains to be lighter than when I first started. Of course it’s still there but I feel as if it’s manageable. The smaller ones are easy to cover and the bigger ones seem less aggressive. I would 100% get laser and facial peels done again and I would definitely recommended it to anyone wanting to improve their skin whether it’s due to acne, lacklustre skin tone or pigmentation.

What will come in next weeks update, after the horrible outbreak of acne caused by the pill, I tried to use a skincare routine that featured a certain ingredient that is said to help and going forward, I’m finally on the lookout for a product that is specifically formulated for pigmentation – would love any product recommendations.


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