Skin Problems: Did Vitamin C Help My Acne & Pigmentation

Around two weeks after taking the pill

With my current skin problem series, I’ve discussed my acne journey and my experience with collagen supplements, laser and facial peels and although there seems to be a lot of ups and downs with my skin, it seemed to of gotten worse once I started the cerazette pill. Going back to the basics, I decided to look at my skincare and give it a change focusing on ingredients that help acne scarring and pigmentation. The ingredient: vitamin C.

Vitamin C is said to help rejuvenate the skin by promoting collagen and elastin production, essential proteins needed to generate new skin so it’s good for scarring and overall brightening of the skin. I came across the Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit (£30), that focused on vitamin C and how they use a particular Resilient-C™, a new vitamin C technology that is said to deliver 50X the collagen-building, skin-brightening and cell-protecting power that usual vitamin C does to your skin. If that doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will. I just had to grab myself the set so I could see what it could do for my skin.

The set comes with it’s all too famous Advanced Active Radiance Serum, this personally sold the whole set for me, the light gel smells incredible, along with the rest of the set and instantly brightens my skin. Honestly I wish I could purchase the bigger size but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on it (around £80!).

The Environmental Shield Essential-C Cleanser, a cooling and refreshing lightweight gel bursting with gentle exfoliating beads helped balance out my skin in terms of oiliness and left my complexion looking rather healthy. In the morning I’d use the Essential-C Day Moisturiser SPF30, a creamy, slightly smelling concoction of SPF and oranges that absorbed quickly leaving my complexion smooth. In the evening, I’d use the Overnight Detox Moisturiser, a thick cream that my skin seemed to soak up. Sometimes I would apply a thick layer as if it was a facemask to get all the brightening benefits in just half an hour.

After using the Murad skincare kit for 4-5 weeks

Using the set for around 4-5 weeks I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It looked clearer than what I started with, brighter and my pigmentation and scars looked less harsh. My skin also looked smooth and even. Overall I think if you’re looking to brighten and even your skin tone then this is ideal but to try and lighten pigmentation then I think this would be a great product to go with something else whether that’s going through facial peels or laser or maybe even strong spot and pigmentation treatments as it boosts your natural collagen and helps to rejuvenate your skin cells.

What’s next? I’m definitely going to be searching for something focusing on my pigmentation and keep Vitamin C in my skincare routine. I’ll keep you updated.


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