Are Facial Toners Really A Must-Have In Your Skincare Routine?

Ever since I can remember, we were all told to cleanse, tone and moisturise and was even the iconic trio in all skincare sets. I remember picking up all three from Simple in my teens, gradually moving on to the Clinique 3-Step routine and then into my 20s, that’s when masks, eye creams and later on, serums were introduced. There was no complex ingredients or 10-step routines, there was simply a cream or gel cleanser, a toner and a light moisturiser and back then that’s all we knew to give ourselves great skin – but are facial toners really a must-have in your skincare routine?

For so long toners have been a staple in my skincare stash and although I would never use this twice a day, seven days a week, I personally still feel like it has a job to play. Of course there has been new products that have taken its place, facial mists and micellar water that claims to do both and much more. So, what are toners actually used for?

Toners are used to essential balance your skin’s natural pH levels, purely down to using a cleanser that could potentially be too alkaline. This could also be from using cleansing oils or masks, with exfoliants being an exception. Using a toner will bring your pH levels back to a healthy 5.5, which helps stop growth of certain harmful bacteria’s and stimulate healthy oils that allow your skin to repair and heal itself and stay, well, balanced. Exfoliants are an example of an exception as they assist with shedding of the skin by creating an acidic environment.

Of course, there are many other benefits to a facial toner including hydrating, calming redness, even acting as an exfoliant depending on ingredients and radiance! Looking at toners alone, they can really benefit your skin and even balance it out from using certain cleansers (ones packed with emollients) but looking at it within a skincare routine, it can definitely be missed and not needed, so when it comes to a toner, do you really need one?

If you’ve gone without for this long then it’s probably because you don’t need one but if you’re looking for a simple three step routine or you’re finding your skin isn’t ‘clean’ enough after you’ve cleansed or want that radiant glow, then I would definitely recommend. A handy little tip to get the most radiant skin? Apply the toner directly onto the skin using your hands and not a cotton pad. Just remember to wash your hands first.


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