Skincare Obsessions: Melting Formulas

I have been devoted to getting my skincare routine perfect, down to every single step and only look into the ingredients that help my current skin conditions. I also like treating myself to a facial every now and again because, who doesn’t? But now there’s a new innovation that gives you the comfort of your everyday skincare routine but the pamper, slight massage and relaxation of having a facial. The new beauty category known as ‘melting formulas’, which transforms themselves whilst using – from solid into liquid, gel into water or even water into milk or foam. What was a quick wash of the face with an ordinary cleanser is now a two-minute massage of a buttery balm, all being very soft and gentle! If you’re looking into adding a bit of luxury during your skincare routine then see below for my recommendations where you can get the best of both worlds, I promise.

Bliss Fabulous Make-Up Melt Gel-to-Oil Cleanser (£19, part of a set)

This is my new favourite travel companion whether I’m treating myself to a weekend stay or going on a full-blown sunny holiday. Remembering to give the product a shake before use, because otherwise you get pure oil, it glides easily onto the skin and is so gentle getting rid of SPF, make-up and impurities as well as nourishing my complexion. I love the texture, the amount of effort I don’t need to put into using it and the fact it gets rid of practically everything on my skin, without upsetting it, it really does allow me to spend quality time massaging my skin for that spa-like experience. It’s even packed with jojoba, peppermint, orange and lavender oil for the perfect aroma.

Milk Makeup Urban Defense Mask (£5.99, 128g)

An oldie, but still a goodie is the urban defense mask that starts as a gel type mask and turns into a milky lotion whilst rinsing and massaging into the skin. Barely a month-old purchase, the facemask, originally designed exclusively to Urban Outfitters, is quite lovely and has been used quite a lot. It’s a simple mask that isn’t in the slightest messy and it’s easy to take off too. The jojoba oil and green tea extract helps to soothe the skin and even improves the appearance of sun-damaged and gives enough scent to help you rewind and relax whilst reading a book or catching up on YouTube, a not so spa-like experience.

E.L.F Water Droplet Balm (£12.50, 50g)

What has been one of my favourites this summer is the water droplet balm, it instantly transforms from a balm into water that gives the skin a refreshing and cooling sensation. Although you have to be quick with application, because otherwise it seems to drip across your hands, this balm leaves no sticky residue and hydrates your skin – which is what I definitely need in this humid mess. The balm is made with orange, jojoba, lemon and coconut extract along with dimethicone to help brighten and balance out the skin, giving you that ‘I’ve just had a facial feel’.

What’s your favourite ‘melting formula’ products?


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