What Skincare Do I Use With My Dermaroller And What Stage I Use It

Dermarolling has been around for years, a less extreme and painful form of microneedling and is still one of the biggest beauty treatments today. The mini wheel, covered in hundreds of tiny needles that gently prick the face, is a great beauty instrument that works miracles for clearing acne scars, fading fine lines and evening out skin tone. How it works is that it creates micro pathways in the skin for certain products to penetrate better, if using 0.1-0.2mm needle but if you go for one that’s larger, like 0.5mm, that’s when you get into the wound healing stimulation where you essentially grow new skin that appears smoother, even and more plump. But here’s the thing – what do you pair with your dermarolling routine, whether it’s an oil or a serum and do you apply it before or after?

Personally, my base product will always be a serum because they are used as treatments for my skin concerns and they have the best effective outcome. On the days I need extra I also layer on an oil with targeted ingredients to help with my scars and pigmentation. So overall, I use both but when it comes to what stage do I apply, I separate the two. Before using my dermaroller, MedX5 in size 0.5mm, I make sure my skin is clean, toned and then I will apply my serum. Once settled, I take my roller and move it in outward (and upward) strokes 2-3 times. One note to take is that if you have any active acne, STAY CLEAR! Because of this, I have avoided my right cheek for the last few weeks and focused on the other areas. This doesn’t hurt one bit but if my forehead is feeling a little dehydrated then it feels a bit tight. I’ve been using the 0.5mm size and will gradually move up a size once I’m happy and ready. The benefits of the 0.5mm is that it can treat fine lines, shallow scarring, mild stretchmarks, hyper pigmentation and sun damage. It also boosts absorption of topical products – both are exactly what I need and want!

Once finished, I will then apply serum again and then if needed an oil.

My favourite oils and serums to use are ones that have brightening and renewal properties to help with my scars and pigmentation and overall brightening my complexion. A few in the mix is BeautyPie Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin Defense Serum (£11.12 for members) as it calms and soothes the skin whilst protecting your complexion from pollution. My favourite? Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum (£80) as it totally transforms my face from dull to bright and it helps lighten my pigmentation – what’s not to love? On the days I need extra? Sephora revitalising booster, which in itself is a real shame because unless you’re going on holiday that has a Sephora, this is very hard to come by but the results it’s given my skin, I’d happily book a holiday just to restock. Formulated with a shot of magnesium, it helps get rid of tired-looking skin and does wonders for my pigmentation. I use this whether I’m dermarolling or not.

How are you finding your dermarolling? What steps do you take?


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