Different Facemask Types To Cater Each Skin Type

While facemasks aren’t really considered an essential within the skincare routine, it can give your skin immediate results and benefits and choosing the right type of mask can make your skin even healthier. Now, there’s loads of skin concerns and the main skin types of normal, oily, combination or even dry so trying to find any skincare products can be complicated – but masks are much easier to…mask!

All Skin Types: Hydrogel Masks and Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are everywhere! A quick scroll through Instagram and you’ll see multiple bloggers or celebrities supporting the #sheetmaskselfie and honestly, it’s because they’re amazing! Having a bad day? Sheet mask. Breaking out in spots? Sheet mask. Feel like hiding under your duvet for the next few days? Sheet mask. They’re fun, easy and if you choose ones with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or caffeine, it will penetrate the dermis working to hydrate and reduce puffiness – what’s not to love? I always have a stock of sheet masks! My current favourite is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sakura Hydrating Face Sheet Mask (£2.99, currently on 3 for 2).

Another great mask to use for the same benefits are gel masks. It soothes, cools and intensely hydrates the skin so will always be the go-to mask in humid and dry weathers.

Normal and dry skin: cream masks

Creamy masks are similar to moisturisers so it can make a huge difference when it comes to hydrating the skin as well as leaving it silky smooth and what’s great about cream masks is that if you want an intense treatment, you can leave it on overnight as it provides deeper absorption. I currently don’t have a cream mask as my skin really doesn’t benefit from it but I’ve been eying up the Bioderma Hydrabio Mask (£11.25).

Normal and Oily Skin: Rubber/Peel-Off Masks/

Ok, first things first is to completely ignore the whole ‘peel-off black mask’ because they are so damaging to your skin and can even take off your top layer! The best peel-off masks are ones with soothing ingredients and are only used once a week. They help to balance the skin’s natural pH levels leaving your skin smooth, matte and oil-free. My personal favourite is the Soap & Glory What a Peeling! De-Clog Mask (£4).

Oily, Combination and Acne-Prone Skin: Clay Masks

Acne on the skin is tricky as it overreacts to many things, so avoid oil-stripping ingredients as well as pore-clogging balms. Masks my acne-prone and combination skin loves are masks containing clay with beneficial ingredients such as acids.

Clay masks are one of the best ways to treat clogged pores and congestion as they work to remove impurities from the skin while mattifying texture and minimising the pores. Every time I use a clay mask I know my skin feels immediately clean, clear and it balances the oils on my face so I feel assured it’s worked and my skin will look great the next day! My current favourites are of course the Sand & Sky, but what I have been playing around with is using more than one mask at a time. The Vichy trio is absolutely amazing for my combination skin as I can apply the clay in the spotty oily areas, the gel in the dry areas and the slightly exfoliating one one the areas that are looking a bit flakey.

What’s your favourite type of mask?


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