Level Up Your Skincare: Using Boosters

Having a skincare routine and sticking to it can be easy for some and difficult for others, especially when it comes to finding the perfect one. Personally, I’ve found the perfect facial serum and oil combo but still lacking full potential in the cleanser and moisturiser department but if you’ve nailed your cleanse, tone and moisturiser if you’ve gone for the usual trio, then it’s time to level up your skincare and add boosters to your regime. Why? Simply because a booster can do so many amazing things for your skin. You may think you’ve got your skincare set all polished but then comes along boosters, but what are they?

What are skin boosters?

Used before your serum (much like your targeting treatments), boosters are all about strengthening the barrier that sits on skin’s surface as well as delivering some well needed TLC and even as a treatment to your skin. The barrier of our skin acts like armour protecting us from infections and even dehydration – and is key to maintaining hydration, luminosity and that all important healthy glow.

How do I use them?

It’s important that you apply after serum and before moisturiser but personally, I’ve been mixing mine with my serum for quicker application and better coverage on my skin. If it’s liquid, you only need a few drops and if it’s a gel-like formula only a few pumps to cover your face, neck and chest.

Do I need specific ones?

If you’re looking for a booster because of a certain concern then you need to know what ingredients are in it but usually, it will let you know what the booster is for. I’m currently using the Sephora Revitalising Booster which is for marker and tired skin and is formulated with magnesium. It’s been a godsend and I just can’t handle the thought of knowing that I’ll soon be without – and won’t even be able to replace it! I’ve also been using the Simple Hydrating Booster (£3.49), which seriously hydrates the skin instantly! Sometimes mixed in with my serum, I generously apply all over for comfort and to even treat my dehydrated forehead – or currently on holiday in Austria, I’ve been applying every chance I can get as it helps soothe my skin as well as leaving it supple.

Have you tried any skin boosters yet? I’d love to know which ones.


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